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This category includes various equipment and tools used to lift and move heavy objects. It may consist of devices such as chain hoists, lever hoists, manual or electric winches, and lifting clamps. Hoisting and lifting equipment is essential in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics, enabling the safe and efficient movement of heavy loads.

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Crane systems are specialized machines designed to lift and transport heavy objects vertically and horizontally. They consist of a hoist, trolley, and bridge or gantry, which provide stability and control during lifting operations. Crane systems are widely used in construction sites, warehouses, shipping yards, and other industries where material handling is required.

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Winches are mechanical devices used to pull or lift heavy loads. They are equipped with a drum or spool that winds a cable or wire rope, providing the necessary force for pulling or lifting operations. Winches can be either manually operated or powered by electric or hydraulic systems. They are commonly used in sectors such as off-road vehicles, maritime applications, and rescue operations.

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Storage handling series

We offer a range of warehouse handling equipment including forklifts, pallet trucks, conveyor systems, automated guided vehicles, pallet racks and stackers. Our equipment is designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of warehouse operations. Contact us for more information.

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The Storage Handling Series includes Lift trucks, Pallet trucks, Flip the car, Stacker, and Electric forklifts. These products help with efficient storage and handling of goods.

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