Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing Lifting Equipment Products

Our lifting equipment products are generally debugged before leaving factory and customers can use them directly upon receiving. We also provide on-site installation guidance and commissioning services. Please consult our customer service for specific needs.

Our products are made with selected steel materials, coated with standard processes, and subject to whole-process quality control. All products must pass strict quality testing before leaving factory. We also provide quality certification reports.

Please inform us the detailed working conditions when selecting products. Our engineers can help choose product models with suitable configurations to ensure reliable use.

We have a professional maintenance team. All products can get timely repair services within warranty period. We also offer paid maintenance services.

With regular maintenance, the lifespan is typically 15-20 years. Actual lifespan depends on many factors like usage environment, maintenance status, etc.

We can absolutely provide customized solutions like parameter customization, feature optimization based on your unique usage needs.

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