5 Ton Foldable Aluminum Gantry Crane

The 5 Ton Foldable Aluminum Gantry Crane is a light-duty, portable, and adjustable lifting solution, ideal for small and medium-sized operations. Its foldable design allows for easy transport and storage.


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Folded folding gantry crane
Unfolding gantry crane


  • Lightweight and Portable: Constructed from high-grade aluminum, this lightweight gantry crane is easy to maneuver and transport around your facility. One or two people can carry the crane with its self-weight of only 33kg, making it ideal for applications where frequent relocation is necessary.

  • Adjustable Height and Span: The lifting height and span of the crane can be easily adjusted with just four bolts, providing flexibility to handle loads of various shapes and sizes. This feature ensures the crane can adapt to different lifting requirements within your workspace.

  • Quick Setup and Teardown: Foldable gantry cranes are designed for efficiency. Their innovative folding mechanism allows for quick setup and teardown, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity in your operations.

  • Compact Storage: When not in use, the entire aluminum structure folds into a compact size for easy storage. This space-saving design is particularly advantageous for facilities with limited space constraints.

  • Locking Casters: The crane is equipped with locking casters that provide independent swivel and rolling functionality, offering complete control during operation.

  • Customizable Options: We understand that every work environment has unique needs. That’s why our foldable gantry cranes are available in a variety of configurations, including different load capacities (from 500kg to 5 tons) and span options (from 2m to 8m). We also offer customization options to meet your specific lifting requirements.

Product Description

The 5 Ton Foldable Aluminum Gantry Crane is a versatile and portable lifting solution designed for a range of industrial applications. With a load capacity ranging from 0.5 to 5 tons and an adjustable crane span of 2m to 8m, this crane meets diverse lifting requirements.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, this Portable Gantry Crane is designed for ease of transport and installation. The foldable design allows it to be compactly stored when not in use, making it ideal for facilities with limited space. Its adjustable height and span ensure that it can clear doorways and overhead objects before being extended for maximum lift.

The crane features a three-piece design for straightforward assembly and disassembly, minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. The powder-coated finish makes it suitable for clean environments, including laboratories and hospitals. Locking casters provide complete operator control with independent swivel and roll functions.

Main Specifications of Foldable Aluminum Gantry Crane:

  • Load capacity: 0.5 ton – 5 tons
  • Crane span: 2m – 8m (customizable)
  • Lifting height: 1m – 8m (customizable)
  • Hoist unit: Motorized or manual
  • Weight: 33kg (self-weight)
  • Structure: High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Mobility: Enhanced with sturdy wheels/casters
  • Safety features: Overload protection, emergency stop button, and locking mechanisms

Advantages of Foldable Aluminum Gantry Crane:

  • Portability: Weighing only 33kg, it can be easily carried by 1-2 people.
  • Load Trolley: Quick and easy installation with high-strength nylon wheels.
  • Quick Release Latch: Allows for tool-free attachment in just 1 minute.
  • Compactness: Foldable design ensures a compact size for transport and storage.
  • Space Optimization: Ideal for facilities with limited space constraints.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a higher return on investment compared to fixed gantry cranes.

Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Manufacturing and Production: Assists in assembly lines and material handling, improving workflow and reducing assembly times.
  • Warehousing and Logistics: Optimizes loading and unloading operations, enhances storage space utilization.
  • Construction Sites: Facilitates the precise lifting and positioning of heavy materials, adapting to varying project phases.
Lifting Capacity (WLL) (kg)Lifting Height (mm)Span (mm)Overall Dimensions (mm)Net Weight (kg)
5001100-150020002190 x 2076 x 3535
4001200-180023002064 x 2264 x 115837
2502700-350040004076 x 4076 x 4242
2501100-150020002076 x 2076 x 3636
4001200-180023001968 x 2368 x 121537
2502700-350040004076 x 4076 x 4242
2501100-150020002631 x 2076 x 4040
2501200-180023002242 x 3142 x 158641
2502700-350040004076 x 4076 x 4646
10001102-150220002077 x 2077 x 4848
10001902-250230001822 x 2322 x 127056
5001902-350240004077 x 4077 x 6161
10001902-250230002061 x 2761 x 148457
5001902-350240004077 x 4077 x 6262
10001102-150220002830 x 2077 x 5656
10001902-250230002301 x 3201 x 169861
5001902-350240004077 x 4077 x 6565

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