ABURemote Radio Control for ABUS Cranes

ABURemote offers unparalleled freedom and safety in handling heavy loads with ABUS crane systems. Optimized for ease of use and reliability, ABURemote comes in two types: the hand-held transmitter ABURemote Button and the joystick transmitter ABURemote Joystick. Experience ergonomic design, interference resistance, and modern menu navigation, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced safety in crane handling.

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ABUS cranes Radio Control


  1. Freedom of Operation: Control your crane remotely from the safest and most advantageous position.
  2. Optimized for ABUS Crane Systems: Designed specifically for ABUS crane systems, ensuring high stability and reliability.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Choose between the hand-held transmitter ABURemote Button or the joystick transmitter ABURemote Joystick, both offering comfortable and intuitive operation.

Product Description

ABURemote revolutionizes crane operation by offering unparalleled freedom and safety. Designed specifically for ABUS crane systems, ABURemote ensures high stability and reliability in heavy load transportation. With two types of transmitters available – the hand-held ABURemote Button and the joystick ABURemote Joystick – users can choose the option that best suits their needs.

Featuring user-friendly operation and modern menu guidance, ABURemote provides a seamless experience for crane operators. Its resistance to radio frequency interference ensures uninterrupted communication with the crane, translating all commands into precise actions. Additionally, the backlit display provides essential information on crane settings, active cranes, and battery charge status at a glance.

Charging the batteries is effortless, thanks to the supplied charging cradle that allows for induction charging without the need for battery removal. With standard rechargeable batteries lasting over 40 hours, ABURemote eliminates the hassle of replacing special batteries. The ABURemote Joystick even allows for on-the-spot battery replacement with spare batteries stored in the waist harness.

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Product Application

ABUS cranes Radio Control

Specially designed for use with ABUS crane systems, the ABURemote radio control offers exceptional stability and ergonomic features tailored to crane operators' needs. You can select between two types of transmitters: the ABURemote Button, a hand-held transmitter, or the ABURemote Joystick, which offers joystick control. Control your cranes effortlessly using the two-stage buttons, and utilize the master switches to manage frequency-controlled drives, adjusting speed with ease.

ABUS cranes Radio Control (4)

Despite its advanced functionalities, mastering ABURemote is quick thanks to its intuitive interface, allowing easy access to crane functions. The four function buttons can be customized to suit your specific needs.

ABUS cranes Radio Control

The ABURemote Button, designed for optimal ergonomics, enables single-handed operation with its large command buttons and finely tuned pressure points, ensuring minimal hand fatigue even during extended use. Its backlit display provides information on settings, active cranes and hoists, signal strength, and battery charge status, offering a quick overview of crane operations.

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Charging the transmitter is effortless: simply place it in the charging cradle provided, and the batteries will be charged via induction, without the need for removal. The transmitter remains protected by its bag, wrist strap, or shoulder strap during charging, and the charging progress is displayed on the transmitter's screen. The cradle can stand on a surface or be wall-mounted, with mounting accessories included for convenience.

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ABURemote operates using standard rechargeable batteries with a lifespan of over 40 hours, eliminating the need for expensive and complex battery replacements. For the ABURemote Joystick, replacement batteries can be conveniently carried in the waist harness, allowing for quick battery changes on the go.

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