Industrial Winch with Spring Pressure Disc Brake and Silent Operation Gearbox

product name:Explosion-proof Winch
Model Number:MODELKJ-EX
Place of Origin:China
Customized support:OEM, ODM

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1.The spring pressure disc brake with electric release can safely pull the load, even in the event of a sudden power outage.
2.Powerful three-phase AC drive, standard voltage:380V-3PH-50Hz; Motor protection level IP 55,40% ED
3.When the rated load exceeds 1000 kilograms, an electronic overload protection device is standard.
4. Maintenance free, and due to the application of knurled gears and spiral teeth, the oil immersed gearbox has the characteristic of silent operation.
5. All components are coated with high-quality two component paint (RAL5015, with a coating thickness of approximately 120 microns), and are also equipped with galvanized rope reels.
6.Standard rope drum with groove design for heavy load ropes
7. Due to the fixed connection points of the left and right steel wire ropes, it is possible to adjust the rope introduction.
8.42V contact control enhances operational safety.
9.Follow the technical safety regulations BGV D8.

Product Description

When it comes to individual solutions or highly specialized ap- -plications, we strongly recommend this winch for you. Most of them are used in the entertainment industry, explosion-proof   environments, and anywhere when our standard winch cannot   meet the requirements.

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