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PJD Wire Rope Winch

The PJD Wire Rope Winch is a professional hoisting product designed for various industries, including construction, ports, and mining. It features a compact one-piece structure, high safety factor, and versatile applications.

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  • Wide application range: suitable for cable pulling and hoisting in construction, ports, mining, and other industries.
  • Compact one-piece structure design with high safety factor.
  • Expandable functionality with optional components like wire rope guides and encoders.
  • Easy maintenance, installation, and adjustment.
  • Rated load capacity: up to 2 tons.
  • Powered by a single-phase 220V/50Hz motor with a reduction gearbox.
  • Electromagnetic brake for emergency stops and increased safety.
  • Foot pedal switch for convenient control of forward and reverse rotation.
  • Variable speed control through frequency adjustment.
  • Optional encoder and PLC control for precise travel range adjustment.

Product Description

The PJD Wire Rope Winch is a versatile and reliable hoisting solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. With its compact one-piece structure and high safety factor, this winch offers a robust and durable performance. The winch is powered by a single-phase 220V/50Hz motor with a reduction gearbox, ensuring efficient operation and load handling capabilities of up to 2 tons.

Safety is a top priority with the PJD Wire Rope Winch. It features an electromagnetic brake that provides instant emergency stops, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. The foot pedal switch allows for convenient control of forward and reverse rotation, making it easy to operate.

Versatility is another key advantage of this winch. It can be expanded with optional components such as wire rope guides and encoders, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to specific application requirements. Additionally, the variable speed control through frequency adjustment allows for precise control over the winch’s operating speed.

For applications that require precise travel range adjustment, the PJD Wire Rope Winch can be equipped with an encoder and PLC control system. This option enables accurate control over the winch’s travel range, ensuring efficient and safe operation within predetermined limits.

Operating Temperature0-45°C
Relative Humidity≤ 90% (Non-condensing)
Altitude≤ 2500 meters
Working Load≤ 2 tons
Rated VoltageSingle-phase 220V/50Hz
Air SourceOutdoor
Operating EnvironmentNo water ingress or dripping; No severe vibration or shock

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