0.1T-8T pneumatic winch

KRC’s pneumatic winches provide safe, reliable lifting from 0.1T to 8T capacities for industrial applications. Powered by compressed air and controlled manually or remotely, these winches feature auto braking, flexible operation, light weight designs and corrosion resistant finishes.

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0.1T-8T pneumatic winch


  • Capacities from 0.1T to 8T
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Manual or remote control options
  • Integrated auto brake systems
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Marine grade anti-corrosion paint

Product Description

ModelCapacityMotorBrakeControlsRope CapacityConstruction
0.1T-0.2T0.1T-0.2TVane air motorIntegrated brake chamberManual valveN/AAluminum alloy
0.5T0.5TPiston air motorAuto brakeManual or remote120mMarine grade paint
1T1TPiston air motorAuto brakeManual or remote120mMarine grade paint
2T2TPiston air motorSingle hand brakeManual150mMarine grade paint
3T3TPiston air motorDual hand brakeManual or remote150mProtective cover, Marine grade paint
5T5TPiston air motorHand + air brakeManual or remote1000mProtective cover, Marine grade paint
8T8TPiston air motorHand + air brakeManual or remote200mMarine grade paint

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Product Application

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