0.1T-8T Pneumatic Winch

Pneumatic winches offer reliable and efficient lifting solutions for industrial applications, with capacities ranging from 0.1T to 8T. Featuring auto braking, lightweight aluminum construction, and corrosion-resistant finishes, these air-powered winches ensure safe and flexible operation in demanding environments.

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0.1T-8T pneumatic crane winch


  • Wide Range of Capacities: 0.1T to 8T
  • Reliable Compressed Air Power Source
  • Manual or Remote Control Options
  • Integrated Auto Brake Systems for Enhanced Safety
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Marine-Grade Anti-Corrosion Paint for Durability
  • Efficient and Flexible Operation
  • Suitable for Various Industrial Applications

Product Description

The 0.1T-8T Pneumatic Winch is engineered to meet the demanding lifting requirements of industrial settings. With capacities ranging from 0.1T to 8T, these robust winches are ideal for a variety of applications, including construction sites and offshore platforms. Powered by compressed air, these winches provide efficient and reliable operation, ensuring consistent performance across all tasks.

Versatile and Customizable

Designed for versatility, the pneumatic winch offers both manual and remote control options, allowing operators to choose the most convenient method for their specific needs. The integration of auto brake systems enhances safety by preventing unintended load movement, ensuring secure lifting operations.

Durable and Lightweight Construction

Constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, these air winches are easy to handle and install. The marine-grade anti-corrosion paint finish provides added durability, allowing the winch to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Efficient Performance

The use of compressed air as a power source ensures an efficient and reliable operation, making these winches suitable for continuous use in demanding industrial environments. The high-quality piston air motors and integrated brake chambers further enhance the performance and safety of the winch.

Customizable to Your Needs

These pneumatic winches are available in multiple configurations to meet diverse industrial needs. Whether you require a winch with a high lifting capacity for heavy-duty applications or a compact model for more confined spaces, the customizable options ensure that there is a winch suited to your specific requirements.

ModelCapacityMotorBrakeControlsRope CapacityConstruction
0.1T-0.2T0.1T-0.2TVane air motorIntegrated brake chamberManual valveN/AAluminum alloy
0.5T0.5TPiston air motorAuto brakeManual or remote120mMarine-grade paint
1T1TPiston air motorAuto brakeManual or remote120mMarine-grade paint
2T2TPiston air motorSingle hand brakeManual150mMarine-grade paint
3T3TPiston air motorDual hand brakeManual or remote150mProtective cover, Marine-grade paint
5T5TPiston air motorHand + air brakeManual or remote1000mProtective cover, Marine-grade paint
8T8TPiston air motorHand + air brakeManual or remote200mMarine-grade paint

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