Customized Pneumatic Winch – KRC QJY Series (440lbs-55000lbs)

Explore the versatile KRC Pneumatic Winch, QJY Series, offering customizable options from 440lbs to 55000lbs. Powered by a pneumatic motor with adjustable speed and quick installation, this winch is ideal for mining, construction, and oil fields. Customizable to your specific requirements, it ensures efficient and safe lifting operations.

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Customized Pneumatic Winch


  • Customized options from 440lbs to 55000lbs capacity.
  • Pneumatic motor for reliable and efficient power.
  • Adjustable speed for versatile applications.
  • Quick installation for ease of use.
  • Customizable color, air pressure, brake, and braking form.
  • Rated power of 30 KW for robust performance.
  • Suitable for mining, construction, and oil fields.
  • More functional models

Product Description

The KRC Pneumatic Winch, QJY Series, is a customizable solution for a range of lifting applications. With capacities ranging from 440lbs to 55000lbs, this winch is powered by a pneumatic motor, providing reliable and efficient power. Its adjustable speed, quick installation, and customizable features such as color, air pressure, brake, and braking form make it adaptable to specific requirements.

Ideal for mining, construction, and oil fields, this pneumatic winch is designed for underground operations, offering versatility in hauling, lifting, and pulling heavy objects. The winch adopts air as the power energy source, utilizing a piston air motor and a reduction mechanism with internal and external gear transmission pairs for efficient winching.

Customized SupportOEM, ODM
Brand NameKRC
Model NumberQJY
Power SourcePneumatic Motor
Product NamePneumatic Winch
ColorCustomer Requirement
Pressure of Compressed Air (MPa)Customer Requirement
BrakeCustomer Requirement
Braking FormCustomer Requirement
Rated Power30 KW
Air ConsumptionCustomer Requirement
Nominal Rated SpeedCustomer Requirement
KeywordsAir Winch

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