High-Performance Stage Electric Hoist for Professional Stage Equipment

High-Performance Stage Electric Hoist for Professional Stage Equipment

The Stage King Stage Electric Hoist, ordered by Japanese clients, combines compact construction, high efficiency, and robust safety features. Ideal for narrow spaces, it ensures smooth, quiet, and reliable operation under diverse conditions, including rain.

Key Features for Stage King Stage Electric Hoist

Compact Construction and Lightweight Design:

  • The compact and lightweight design of the Stage King Stage Electric Hoist makes it perfect for narrow spaces, providing unmatched flexibility in stage settings. Despite its small size, it boasts robust performance, making it an essential tool for any stage equipment setup.

Superior Protection and Durability:

  • With an IP66 protection grade, this stage electric hoist is designed to operate efficiently even in adverse weather conditions, including rain. The heat-treated aluminum casting shell ensures a lighter weight without compromising on strength, offering durability for extended use.

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Safety is paramount in stage operations, and the Stage King Stage Electric Hoist delivers with its 360° swivel hook and anti-detaching design, ensuring secure lifts every time. The G100 load chains offer an impressive 8x safety factor, guaranteeing reliable performance under heavy loads. Additionally, the maintenance-free electromagnetic brake locks the hoist immediately after the power source is off, providing instant security.

Smooth and Quiet Operation:

  • The helical gear transmission, with gears precision Grade 6, ensures smooth and efficient operation with noise levels below 60 dB, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. The high-strength nylon chain-guide device further ensures smooth chain operation, minimizing friction and wear.

Innovative Clutch Design:

  • The integrated dry clutch on the rotor shaft features friction pads that prevent slippage even after wear, ensuring consistent safety and performance. This innovative design underscores the reliability and user-centric approach of the Stage King Stage Electric Hoist.
Protection GradeIP66
Noise Level<60 dB
Load ChainG100, 8x safety factor
Brake TypeMaintenance-free electromagnetic
Gear TransmissionHelical, Precision Grade 6
Construction MaterialHeat-treated aluminum casting shell
Hook Design360° swivel with anti-detaching
Clutch TypeIntegrated dry clutch with friction pads
Chain GuideHigh-strength nylon
Operational EnvironmentSuitable for narrow spaces, rainproof

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