Customized Winch System for Steel Strip Handling

Customized Winch System for Steel Strip Handling

Elevate your material handling capabilities with our advanced Winch System, designed specifically for steel strip handling. This system combines multiple functionalities for unwinding, cutting, and rewinding, enhancing efficiency and precision in industrial settings.

Customized Winch
Customized Winch

Key Features for Customized Winch System for Steel Strip Handling

Fork Arm Active Unwinder Winch:

  • Features electric lifting, pneumatic opening and closing, and variable frequency control, suitable for reels up to Ø1250mm and widths between 750-1050mm.

Vertical Pneumatic Tensioner Winch:

  • Floor-mounted design with multi-wheel pneumatic tension adjustment and high-precision sensor feedback for controlled operations.

Hydraulic Cutting Winch:

  • Automated cutting functionality with hydraulic power, built-in metering for accurate operation, and a comprehensive program-controlled system.

Metering Winch Machine:

  • Utilizes a pneumatic system for consistent metering accuracy of ±1‰, enhancing the precision of material handling.

Tray Winding Winch:

  • Pneumatically operated with a large tray diameter, featuring variable frequency drive and sophisticated control options for optimal winding.

Strapping Winch:

  • Efficiently secures materials with automated tightening and adjustable settings for a variety of application needs.
Winch Line Speed80 m/min
Power SupplyAC380V (±10%), 12KVA
Compressed Air0.6 bar
Overall DimensionsLength: 6.5m-7.5m, Width: 2.5m, Height: 1.7m
ApplicationsHandling, cutting, and winding of steel strips
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