Port Jib Crane – Marine Crane for Heavy Load Handling

Our Port Jib Cranes, also known as Marine Jib Cranes, are specially designed for handling heavy loads in marine environments. With capacities ranging from 2.5 to 20 tons and booms from 4m to 10m, these cranes offer reliable and efficient lifting solutions.

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Port Jib Crane


  • High Load Capacity: Available in models with capacities up to 20 tons.
  • Versatile Boom Lengths: Standard boom lengths range from 4m to 10m.
  • Electrical System: Equipped with an electrical system and wire rope hoist.
  • Variable Frequency Drive: Movement and rotation include variable frequency drive for smooth operation.
  • Durable Construction: Special paint and stainless steel cabinet for marine environments.
  • Control Options: Radio control and fixed push-button control available.
  • Additional Options: Spreader and slings for hoisting boats.
  • Rotational Capability: 360° rotation for comprehensive load handling.
  • Integrated Lifting Mechanism: Chain or wire rope hoist with manual or motorized options.
  • Customization Available: Tailor the crane to specific environmental and working conditions.

Product Description

Our Port Jib Cranes, also known as Marine Jib Cranes, are the ultimate solution for heavy load handling in marine environments. Designed to operate efficiently and reliably, these cranes come with robust features that cater to the demanding needs of port operations.

With a range of models offering capacities from 2.5 to 20 tons, our jib cranes are equipped to handle substantial loads with ease. The standard versions come with either a 12.5-ton capacity and a 7-meter boom or a 20-ton capacity and a 5-meter boom. Each crane features an electrical system with a wire rope hoist, and the option for a variable frequency drive ensures smooth and precise movement and rotation.

Port Jib Cranes are engineered with special paint and a stainless steel cabinet to withstand harsh marine conditions. They offer multiple control options, including radio control and fixed push-button control, enhancing operational flexibility and safety. Additional options such as spreaders and boat lifting slings are available to meet specific lifting requirements.

Our cranes are designed for versatile applications, providing 360° rotation for comprehensive load handling around manufacturing stations. The integrated lifting mechanism, typically a chain or wire rope hoist, can be configured for manual or motorized operation, making it adaptable to various operational needs.

Port Jib Cranes are particularly suitable for environments requiring heavy load lifting and precise positioning. Their compact design and robust construction make them an ideal choice for port operations, shipyards, and other marine applications. The electric trolley travel is recommended for loads over 500 kg, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling.

Whether you need to move loads in a circular direction around a production station or handle heavy equipment in marine environments, our Port Jib Cranes offer the perfect solution. With customizable features and reliable performance, they are built to enhance productivity and safety in any setting.

Rotating Degree360°
Load Capacity2.5 tons – 20 tons
Boom Length4m – 10m
Electrical SystemYes
Wire Rope HoistIncluded
Variable Frequency DriveStandard for movement and rotation
Control OptionsRadio control, fixed push-button control
Additional OptionsSpreader, boat lifting slings
Special PaintYes
Stainless Steel CabinetYes

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