Moving forward hand in hand for win-win cooperation – German ABUS leaders visited Cary for visits and exchanges

A delegation from Germany’s ABUS company recently visited Cary for a series of productive exchanges and discussions. Cary’s chairman, Luo Weiliang, and general manager, Liao Zhiming, warmly welcomed the delegation.

During the symposium, the leaders of ABUS expressed their sincere appreciation for the visit of General Anboma and his delegation. They were provided with insights into Karui Company’s production status, technological innovations, and future development plans. Both parties engaged in extensive discussions on industry development trends, technological advancements, and other relevant topics.

Following the symposium, Mr. Ma and his delegation were given a tour of our company’s exhibition hall and production workshop. They had the opportunity to observe our existing processing technology and intelligent equipment, offering valuable guidance and feedback.

This exchange has significantly enhanced communication and strengthened the strategic partnership between the two companies. As Anbo’s representative in China, Karui Company has received affirmation from the ABUS representatives during this visit. Looking ahead, both sides are committed to further enhancing exchanges, mutual support, and achieving mutually beneficial cooperation.

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