Super! Khare was once again promoted by the Luoyang media

On August 11, our company was once again promoted by Luoyang media. The full text is as follows:

Recently, in the Lorong district

Luoyang Karui lifting equipment Co., LTD

A batch of large crane equipment is loaded for export

In the workshop, technicians are operating

Intelligent equipment to step up production

The company is a professional engaged

New intelligent crane research and development, design

Manufacturing, installation and service of high-tech enterprises

Products are widely used in non-ferrous metal smelting

New energy vehicles, aircraft manufacturing and other industries

In recent years, enterprises keep up with market demand

Accelerate intelligent transformation

Innovation-driven development

Products are constantly being introduced

Further enhance the core competitiveness

And market share, best-selling domestic and

India, Spain, Vietnam and other countries

Shenzhen Nanshan construction innovation highland

Focus on the tuyere industry to explore the road of innovation

Endeavour Loron on the move

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