Advanced Intelligent Electric Chain Hoist

The Intelligent Electric Chain Hoist combines ergonomic industrial design with cutting-edge technology, offering precision lifting capabilities, adjustable speed control, and intelligent operation. Perfect for demanding industrial applications requiring high efficiency and safety.

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Advanced Intelligent Electric Chain Hoist


  1. Servo Drive System: Utilizes an industrial processor-controlled servo drive for precise handling.
  2. Variable Lifting Modes: Includes in-line slide, float, and pinpoint precision for versatile operation.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Optimized for ease of use and operator comfort in repetitive lifting tasks.
  4. High Precision and Speed Control: Offers smooth and controlled lifting speeds up to 22m/min.
  5. Low Headroom Requirement: Ideal for environments with spatial constraints.
  6. Robust Build Quality: Features a chain tensile strength of ≥900N/mm2, ensuring durability.
  7. Wide Application Range: Suitable for auto assembly, aerospace, and energy industries.
  8. Intelligent Safety Features: Equipped with load sensors, limit switches, and photoelectric switches.
  9. High Protection Class: Rated IP54 for dust and water resistance.
  10. Customizable Voltage Options: Available in 220V and adaptable for 110V settings.

Product Description

Our Intelligent Electric Chain Hoist represents a leap in lifting technology, integrating a servo-driven system with smart capabilities to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency. Designed for rigorous industrial use, this hoist excels in a variety of applications from automotive assembly lines to aerospace equipment handling and more.

The hoist is engineered to provide ergonomic operation, reducing fatigue in repetitive lifting jobs and enhancing productivity. It features an advanced servo motor for precise speed control and variable lifting speeds, making it adaptable to a wide range of lifting tasks. The low headroom design makes it particularly suitable for operations within confined spaces, while its robust construction ensures reliability and long-term durability.

Applications span multiple industries, including automotive, where it handles components like engines and transmissions; energy sectors dealing with valves and drilling components; and aerospace for heavy equipment manufacturing. Additionally, this hoist is indispensable in tool & die changeouts, equipment maintenance, parts assembly, and product packaging, making it a versatile tool for enhancing operational efficiency across sectors.

The hoist’s intelligent features such as real-time load monitoring, programmable operation, and remote control capabilities allow for seamless integration into existing industrial systems, offering a high degree of control and safety. Its compact design does not compromise on power, with a lifting capacity of up to 500kg and a speed of up to 22 m/min, ensuring that even the heaviest loads are handled with ease.

ModelRated LoadLifting SpeedLifting HeightPower SupplyChain Dia.Insulation GradeProtection ClassNet Weight
NHWM-250250kg0-22m/min5m220V, 50Hz6.3mmBIP5437kg
NHWM-500500kg0-12m/min5m220V, 50Hz6.3mmBIP5437kg


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