Convenient 250-500KG Yale Lever Block – Ratchet Chain Hoist

◆CAPACITY  250-500KG
The extreme low own weight and the very compact design make the h- -oist easy to use even in confined working condistions. Dueto the mu- -Ititude of application possibilities e.g. in industry, trade and service this ratchet lever hoist is indispensable.

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Ratchet lever hoist


1.The enclosed design protects the internal parts from contamination.
2.The short handlever is fitted with an ergonomic rubber grip.
3.All parts of the disc type load brake are manufactured from high q- -uality materials and are corosion protected.
4.Standard free chaining device to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions.
5.Alloyed steel link chain with zinc-plated resp. yelow chromated fini- -sh, in accordance with national and internatinal standards and regul–ations.
6.The hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets en–sures accurate movement of the load chain.
7.The surface protected zinc-plated alloy steel load chains fulfuil all requirements of current national and international standards and reg–ulations.
8.Drop forged load and suspension hooks are made from non-aging h- -igh tensile stel and fited with robust safety latches.
Technical data Yalehandy

Product Description

Model Capacity kg Chain dimensions d x p in mm/ design Lift with one full lever turn mm Handle pull at WLL daN Weight at standard lift (1.5 m) kg
Yalehandy 250 Yalehandy 500 250 500 4 x 12 – T 4 x 12 – V 80 40 25 25 2.2 2.8

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