Yalelift 360 ATEX Explosion-Proof Hand Chain Hoist – Safe Handling in Hazardous Environments

The Yalelift 360 ATEX Hand Chain Hoist offers robust material handling capabilities in explosive atmospheres. With capacities ranging from 500kg to 20000kg and a maximum lifting height of 3m to 30m, it ensures safe and efficient lifting in hazardous locations.

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Yalelift 360 Explosion-proof hoist
Yalelift 360 Anti-explosive hoist


  • ATEX certified for use in explosive environments
  • 360° rotating hand chain guide for flexible operation
  • Quiet brake system with improved serviceability
  • Enclosed stamped steel housing for protection in tough conditions
  • High-quality materials with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Adjustable overload protection device and chain container options

Product Description

The Yalelift 360 ATEX Hand Chain Hoist is engineered to provide safe and reliable material handling in potentially explosive atmospheres. With ATEX certification and compliance with CE and ISO standards, this hoist meets the highest safety requirements for hazardous locations.

Featuring an enclosed stamped steel housing, the Yalelift 360 ATEX hoist protects all internal components even in the toughest conditions. Its extremely low headroom design allows maximum utilization of the lifting height, while the revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide enables operators to work from virtually any position, including confined spaces or above the load.

The brake system is exceptionally quiet and ensures operational safety, with the omission of vulnerable ratchet pawls for improved serviceability. Made of high-quality materials with corrosion-resistant coating, all parts are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Equipped with a hardened load sheave and zinc-plated alloy steel load chains, the Yalelift 360 ATEX hoist ensures accurate movement and smooth chain motion. The drop-forged load and suspension hooks, fitted with robust safety latches and rotating 360°, provide added safety during lifting operations.

In addition to its explosion-protected design, this hoist offers options such as adjustable overload protection devices and chain containers, enhancing its versatility for various applications in hazardous environments.

  • Model: Yalelift 360 ATEX
  • Capacity: 500kg – 20000kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 3m – 30m
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Customized Support: OEM, ODM
in kg/
number of
chain falls
Load chain
Lift per 1m
hand chain
Handle pull
at WLL


Weight at
standard lift
YLATEX 500*194969500/15×15T33219
YLATEX 1000*1981961000/16×18T203013
YL ATEX 2000*1998722000/18×24T143220
YLATEX 3000*2105223000/110×30T123829
YL ATEX 5000*2186725000/210×30T63438
YLATEX  10000*22461110000/310×30V44471
LATEX 20000

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Product Application

Anti-explosive hoist for hazardous environments

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