Pneumatic balancing crane

With high working speeds, precision control and durable design, pneumatic balancing cranes boost productivity for material handling operations. They are ideal for assembly lines, workstations, warehouses and more.

The counterbalanced design allows easy lifting of heavy objects up to rated load capacity, reducing operator effort. Built-in safety features prevent sudden drops and ensure stable loads.

Choose high quality pneumatic balancing cranes to maximize operational efficiency and safety. Proper sizing for load capacity is key for effective utilization.

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Pneumatic balancing crane


. Faster lifting and lowering speed – Typically 2-6 times faster than electric hoists.
. Precision positioning with “zero-floating” function.
. High duty cycle for 24/7 uninterrupted operation.
. Spark-free pneumatic power enhances safety.
. Leverage transmission enables steady vibration-free motion and stepless speed regulation.

Product Description

Pneumatic balancing cranes utilize compressed air to counterbalance load weight and enable smooth lifting and lowering of heavy objects.

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