Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Pneumatic chain hoists utilize compressed air to deliver smooth, reliable lifting for heavy loads.

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Pneumatic Chain Hoist 1


  • Enhanced safety – Compressed air power eliminates sparks for safety in hazardous environments. Built-in air cushioning prevents sudden drops.
  • Overload protection – Automatically prevents lifting of loads exceeding rated capacity.
  • High efficiency – Achieves faster lifting speeds compared to similar electric models.
  • Stepless speed control – Precisely regulate lifting speed based on load weight with infinite variability.
  • Precision handling – Adjustable air flow controls enable accurate positioning of loads.
  • Energy saving – Compact and lightweight construction reduces energy consumption.

Product Description

With spark-free pneumatic power, overload protection and precise speed control, pneumatic chain hoists boost productivity and operational safety. They deliver smooth lifting and maneuvering of heavy materials in factories, warehouses, construction sites and more.

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