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Pneumatic Chain Hoist – Smooth and Reliable Lifting for Heavy Loads

Experience smooth and reliable lifting for heavy loads with our pneumatic chain hoist. Utilizing compressed air, it ensures enhanced safety, overload protection, and high efficiency, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

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Pneumatic Chain Hoist


  • Enhanced safety with spark-free pneumatic power.
  • Overload protection prevents lifting of loads exceeding rated capacity.
  • Achieves faster lifting speeds compared to electric models.
  • Stepless speed control for precise lifting regulation.
  • Adjustable air flow controls for precision handling.
  • Compact and lightweight design for energy-saving operation.

Product Description

Pneumatic chain hoists are designed to provide smooth and reliable lifting for heavy loads in industrial environments. Utilizing compressed air, these hoists offer enhanced safety by eliminating sparks, making them suitable for use in hazardous areas. Built-in air cushioning prevents sudden drops, ensuring safe and controlled lifting operations.

Featuring overload protection, the hoist automatically prevents lifting of loads exceeding the rated capacity, enhancing safety and preventing accidents. With high efficiency, it achieves faster lifting speeds compared to similar electric models, improving productivity in various applications.

The stepless speed control allows for precise regulation of lifting speed based on load weight, providing infinite variability and ensuring accurate positioning of loads. Adjustable air flow controls further enable precision handling, allowing operators to maneuver loads with ease and precision.

Compact and lightweight construction reduces energy consumption, making these hoists environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They are suitable for use in factories, warehouses, construction sites, and more, where smooth lifting and maneuvering of heavy materials are required.

  • Power Source: Compressed air
  • Lifting Capacity: Customizable
  • Lifting Speed: Variable
  • Safety Features: Overload protection, spark-free operation
  • Control: Stepless speed control, adjustable air flow
  • Application: Industrial lifting operations

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