Compact Low Headroom Electric Hoist, 100-1200kg Capacities, IP54 Protection

The HGS-B mini electric hoist is a light-duty electric hoist available in various capacities from 100kg to 1200kg designed for material handling applications with low headroom requirements.

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Compact Low Headroom Electric Hoist, 100-1200kg Capacities, IP54 Protection


  • Compact size and low headroom design
  • Capacities from 100kg to 1200kg
  • Lifting heights up to 12m
  • Lifting speeds from 5m/min to 10m/min
  • Single and double hook models
  • IP54 waterproof rating
  • Precision gear system for smooth operation
  • Overload protection
  • Complies with GB standards

Product Description

The HGS-B mini electric hoist provides reliable and efficient material handling capabilities in space-constrained environments. Its durable yet lightweight construction makes it easy to install and relocate as needed.

With capacities ranging from 100kg up to 1200kg and two hook options, the HGS-B addresses light to medium-duty lifting needs found in factories, agriculture, construction sites, docks, warehouses and more.

The table below details the complete HGS-B model range:

ModelHook OptionVoltage (V)Power (W)Capacity (kg)Lifting Height (m)Lifting Speed (m/min)Qty (pcs)Packing Size (m)Gross/Net Weight (kg)
HGS-B100/200Single HookDouble Hook110/220/230510100/20012/610/5138322524/22
HGS-B125/250Single HookDouble Hook110/220/230550125/25012/610/5138322525/23
HGS-B150/300Single HookDouble Hook110/220/230600150/30012/610/5138322526/24
HGS-B200/400Single HookDouble Hook110/220/230980200/40012/610/5145332734/33
HGS-B250/500Single HookDouble Hook110/220/2301020250/50012/610/5145332734/33
HGS-B300/600Single HookDouble Hook110/220/2301200300/60012/610/5145332735/34
HGS-B400/800Single HookDouble Hook110/220/2301300400/80012/68/4145332738/37
HGS-B500/1000Single HookDouble Hook110/220/2301600500/100012/68/4154253233.7/32.7
HGS-B600/1200Single HookDouble Hook110/220/2301800600/120012/68/4154253233.7/32.7

Distinguishing features of the HGS-B mini electric hoist include:

  • Compact Copper Winding Motor: High efficiency and power in a compact size, with temperature protection
  • Precise Gear System: Provides smooth and quiet lifting operation
  • Safety Features: 24V control pendant, limit switches, and non-asbestos brake pads
  • Convenient Design: Quick installation and portability between locations
  • Water Protection: IP54 rating allows usage in wet environments
  • Complies with Applicable Standards: GB compliance ensures proper safety and quality

With its durable construction, safety features and reliable performance, the HGS-B mini electric hoist improves productivity across many light material handling applications.

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