Dual Speed Hand Winch – KRC Hand-Cranked Manual Winch for Efficient Loading and Unloading

Experience the versatility of the KRC Dual Speed Hand Winch, offering labor-saving solutions for various applications. This manual winch supports two hand crank speeds—slow for loading and fast for unloading, reducing manual effort. Ideal for offshore wind power, on board, or mountain use, it features adjustable hand crank length and multiple mounting options.

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Dual Speed Hand Winch


  • Dual-speed hand-cranked winch for efficient loading and unloading.
  • Labor-saving with adjustable hand crank length.
  • Suitable for offshore wind power, on board, or mountain applications.
  • Direct shaft drive with worm gear transmission.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Multiple mounting options for versatile use.

Product Description

The KRC Dual Speed Hand Winch is a reliable and efficient solution for various applications, offering two hand crank speeds for optimal performance. The slow mode is designed for loading conditions, while the fast mode facilitates quick unloading, reducing the forces required for manual cranking. With an adjustable hand crank length and multiple mounting options, this hand-cranked winch is adaptable to different scenarios.

Ideal for offshore wind power, on board, or mountain use, it combines the benefits of dual-speed operation with a direct shaft drive and worm gear transmission. The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport and handle. The KRC Hand-Cranked Winch is a versatile tool that can replace manual labor, offering efficiency and convenience in various environments.

Customized SupportOEM, ODM
Brand NameKRC
Model NumberHand-Cranked Winch
Power SourceElectric and Manual
Product NameDual Speed Hand Winch
Warranty3 years
ColorCustomer Requirement
SpeedDual Speed
Worm Gear TransmissionDirect Shaft Drive
MountingMultiple Options
PackageCustomer Requirement
Hand Crank LengthAdjustable
ApplicationsOffshore wind power, on board, mountain

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