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Electric Industrial Winch – 3 Tonne Lifting Traction with Limiter

Explore the versatility and reliability of the Electric Industrial Winch, capable of lifting 3 tonnes with precision and safety. Equipped with a limiter and customizable features, this winch ensures efficient operation for various industrial applications.


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Electric Industrial Winch


  • 3-tonne electric winch with lifting traction capability.
  • Equipped with a limiter for precise control and safety.
  • Customizable features for personalized use.
  • High transmission efficiency with Vajra Gearmotors.
  • Electromagnetic braking system for timely response.
  • Optional automatic rope arrangement device for orderly wire arrangement.
  • Hand controller with spring wire and magnetic buckle for safer operation.
  • Aluminium alloy electric control box for efficient electronic control.

Product Description

The Electric Industrial Winch offers reliable lifting traction for industrial applications, capable of lifting 3 tonnes with precision and safety. It adopts a Kogane Steel vertical gear motor, ensuring high transmission efficiency even during continuous long-time work. The double-row chain transmission mechanism ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Featuring a large head and a maximum lifting height of 300 meters, this winch offers customizable options such as an automatic rope arrangement device and double reduction mechanism for enhanced transmission efficiency. The electromagnetic braking brake ensures timely response, while the standard adjustable mechanical limiter allows flexible setting of the stop position.

The hand controller, equipped with a spring wire and strong magnetic buckle, enhances operator safety during operation. Additionally, the winch is equipped with Vajra Gearmotors and an aluminium alloy electric control box for efficient electronic control.

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 3 tonnes
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 300 meters
  • Transmission Efficiency: More than 90%
  • Brake Type: Electromagnetic braking system
  • Control Method: Hand controller
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Power Source: Electric

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