25T pneumatic winch

High-performance 25-ton winch powered by compressed air, featuring manual (optional remote) control, piston-type air motor drive, planetary reduction torque, automatic disc brake, and dual air brake for exceptional braking force, stability, and safety. Stainless steel 304 protective cover with marine anti-corrosion paint ensures durability.

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25T Pneumatic Winches (5)


  • High-performance 25-ton pneumatic winch
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Manual (optional remote) control
  • Piston-type air motor drive
  • Automatic disc brake + dual air brake for safety
  • Stainless steel 304 protective cover
  • Marine anti-corrosion paint for durability

Product Description

The 25T Compressed Air Powered Winch is a robust solution for heavy-duty lifting operations. Powered by compressed air, it features a manual control option with the flexibility of remote control. The piston-type air motor drive, combined with planetary reduction torque, ensures reliable performance. The winch is equipped with an automatic disc brake and dual air brake for superior braking force, stability, and safety.

The drum, with a diameter of φ720 mm and a width of 860 mm, accommodates a wire rope with a diameter of 38 mm and a capacity of 200 meters. The winch’s dimensions are 2700 mm in length, 1500 mm in width, and 1400 mm in height. The braking system includes a disc brake and dual air brake for enhanced safety.

Constructed with a protective cover made of stainless steel 304 and coated with marine anti-corrosion paint, this winch is designed for durability in challenging environments. The intake pipe size is 13/4 inches, and the winch weighs 4100 kg (excluding the steel wire rope).

  • Compressed Air Pressure: 0.7-1 MPa
  • Pull Force: 250 kN
  • Nominal Rated Speed: 0-3 m/min
  • Pneumatic Motor: Rated Power 30 kW, 5 Cylinders
  • Drum: Diameter φ720 mm, Width 860 mm, Rim Diameter φ1150 mm, Wire Rope Capacity 200 m, Air Consumption 400 L/s, Wire Rope Diameter 38 mm
  • Dimensions: Length 2700 mm, Width 1500 mm, Height 1400 mm
  • Braking Form: Disc Brake + Dual Air Brake
  • Intake Pipe Size: 13/4 inch
  • Weight: 4100 kg (excluding steel wire rope)

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