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PJY Hand Wire Rope Winch for Construction Material Lifting

The PJY Hand Wire Rope Winch is a versatile solution for lifting and handling construction materials. With a static safety factor of 4 times, ergonomic crank design, and adjustable cable outlet options, it offers ease of use and flexibility. Suitable for wall and floor installation, it features a large rope capacity and corrosion-resistant paint for extended durability.

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PJY hand winch


  • Ergonomic Hand Winch Design: Ensures comfortable and efficient operation during construction material lifting tasks.
  • Adjustable Cable Outlet Options: Choose from upward, downward, or rear-facing orientations for enhanced flexibility in various applications.
  • Robust Construction: With a static safety factor of 4 times, this winch offers reliable performance and secure handling of heavy loads.
  • Quick Attachment Process: Streamlined setup enables swift deployment, saving time and effort on the construction site.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Coating: Z1 layer paint ensures durability and longevity, making the winch suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Large Rope Capacity: Accommodates extended usage without the need for frequent reloading, enhancing productivity.
  • Two-Speed Rocker: Provides efficient operation, allowing for precise control over lifting and lowering speeds.
  • Smooth Handling: Turbine turns ensure smooth and controlled handling of materials, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Manual Operation with Natural Braking Action: Offers precise control and safety during lifting and rigging operations.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Suitable for both wall and floor installation, adapting to different work environments with ease.

Product Description

The PJY Hand Wire Rope Winch is a dependable manual winch specifically crafted for the rigorous demands of construction material lifting. Engineered with a static safety factor of 4 times, this hand-operated winch ensures robust performance and secure handling of heavy loads. Its ergonomic crank design provides a comfortable grip, minimizing user fatigue during extended operation periods.

This versatile wire rope winch boasts adjustable cable outlet options, including upward, downward, or rear-facing orientations, facilitating flexible usage across various construction applications. Whether installed on walls or floors, its adaptable design ensures seamless integration into different work environments.

Equipped with a large rope capacity, the PJY Hand Wire Rope Winch enables prolonged usage without frequent reloading, enhancing productivity on construction sites. Its quick and easy attachment process streamlines setup, allowing for swift deployment when lifting or pulling materials.

Constructed with corrosion-resistant Z1 layer paint, this winch withstands harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The inclusion of a two-speed rocker ensures efficient operation, while turbine turns guarantee smooth handling of loads.

With its manual operation and natural braking action, the PJY Hand Wire Rope Winch offers precise control over lifting and lowering operations, ensuring safety and reliability on the construction site. Whether used as a rope hoist or material handling winch, it excels in delivering consistent performance in diverse lifting applications.

  • Static Safety Factor: 4 times
  • Adjustable Crank: Yes, for ergonomic grip
  • Cable Outlet Options: Upward, downward, or rear-facing
  • Installation: Suitable for wall and floor installation
  • Rope Capacity: Large for extended use
  • Attachment Process: Easy and quick
  • Paint: Corrosion-resistant Z1 layer
  • Operation: Manual with two-speed rocker and turbine turns
  • Braking: Natural braking action

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