European Style Double Girder Bridge Crane With Lower Headroom

Our ZLK model double girder bridge crane combines European design excellence with advanced technology to deliver superior lifting performance. With a maximum capacity of 80 tons and a lifting height of up to 30 meters, it offers exceptional efficiency and reliability for heavy-duty industrial applications.

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Double girder crane


  1. Low Workshop Investment: Utilizes advanced German design to reduce wheel pressure and crane height, saving workshop space and lowering initial investment costs.

  2. Low Running Cost: Incorporates high-efficiency driving structure and energy-saving motor and inverter technology, reducing energy consumption by 30%-50%.

  3. Low Maintenance Cost: Key components are designed for maintenance-free operation, reducing breakdowns and minimizing maintenance costs over the crane’s lifespan.

  4. High Quality: Imported components from Germany ensure superior performance and quality, with working classes ranging from A5 to A8.

  5. High Safety: Features separate button box and hoist movement, with control voltage of 48V or 36V and comprehensive safety protections to safeguard workers and equipment.

  6. High Performance and Price Ratio: Leveraging KRC’s expertise in crane technology, the ZLK crane offers advanced features, smart design, and customizable options, delivering optimal performance and value for customers.

Product Description

The ZLK double girder bridge crane is designed to optimize workshop space and minimize investment costs. With its low-profile design and efficient German engineering, it offers a compact footprint and reduced headroom, allowing for closer positioning to walls and maximizing usable floor space.

  • Model Number: ZLK
  • Capacity: 250kg-2000kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 10m
  • Span: Max 45m
  • Lift Speed: 0.4-16m/min
  • Long Travelling Speed: 5-60m/min
  • Cross Travelling Speed: 2-20m/min
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Customized Support: OEM, ODM

European standard crane

Bridge crane

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