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Heavy-Duty Wire Rope Automatic Cutting and Winch

The Heavy-Duty Wire Rope Automatic Cutting and Winch, model JRE1150/GFQJ-32D, is designed for precise and automated cutting of wire ropes, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. This machine integrates active pay-off, tension storage, high-precision meter counting, wire rope traction, specialized shearing, and automatic unloading to provide a comprehensive solution for wire rope processing.


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Wire Rope Automatic Cutting and Winch


Cutting Capacity:

  • Handles wire ropes with diameters ranging from 10mm to 32mm.
  • Operating speed of up to 47 meters per minute.

Cutting Mechanism:

  • Equipped with a fully automated hydraulic shearing machine for cold cutting, ensuring rapid and efficient cutting.
  • Integrated automatic unloading system with a synchronized 2.5-meter length unloading machine.

Unwinding System:

  • Horizontal, dual-column active pay-off machine with variable frequency vector active unwinding and electric drive lift clamping mode.
  • Compatible with wire spools of external diameters ranging from 900mm to 1500mm and inner diameters of at least 650mm, with a maximum weight capacity of 4500 Kg.

Traction System:

  • High-inertia servo-driven traction machine with multi-group carburized traction drive sets, providing high-speed closed-loop control with dynamic response times within 100ms.
  • Constant tension control with programmable tension devices, PID closed-loop control, and pneumatic anti-drop pressure rollers.

Metering System:

  • High-precision metering with an integrated frame and patented metering wheel.
  • Dual metering channels with error detection and high-precision encoders for reliable and interference-resistant measurement.

Control System:

  • PLC-controlled program with visualization through a 10-inch touch screen, offering central control of speed, length, and quantity parameters.
  • CANLink bus communication for integrated online control and real-time data monitoring.

Safety and Efficiency:

  • Automated error detection, constant tension control during high-speed unwinding, and batch processing capabilities for unattended operations.
  • Safety interlocks, program self-check integration, and hydraulic high-speed shearing with long-life maintenance-free alloy blades.

Product Description

The Heavy-Duty Wire Rope Automatic Cutting and Winch, featuring model JRE1150/GFQJ-32D, provides exceptional automation, precision, and efficiency in wire rope processing. This machine is built to handle demanding industrial applications with robust and reliable performance. The cutting capacity accommodates wire ropes of various diameters, ensuring versatility and adaptability for different project needs. The cutting mechanism is highly efficient, incorporating a fully automated hydraulic shearing system for rapid processing. The unwinding system is designed to handle large wire spools, making it compatible with various industrial requirements.

The traction system is engineered for high-speed operations, utilizing servo-driven technology to ensure precise control and dynamic response. The metering system guarantees accurate measurements, minimizing errors and ensuring consistent performance. The advanced control system, powered by a PLC program, allows for centralized management of all operational parameters, enhancing ease of use and operational efficiency. Safety features are integrated throughout the system, including automated error detection and safety interlocks, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Feature Specification
Cutting Capacity Wire rope diameters: 10mm to 32mm
Operating Speed Up to 47 meters per minute
Cutting Mechanism Automated hydraulic shearing, cold cutting, automatic unloading system
Unwinding System Dual-column active pay-off, variable frequency vector active unwinding
Wire Spool Compatibility External diameters: 900mm to 1500mm, Inner diameters: ≥650mm, Max weight: 4500 Kg
Traction System Servo-driven, multi-group carburized drive, high-speed closed-loop control
Metering System High-precision metering, dual metering channels, error detection
Control System PLC program, 10-inch touch screen, CANLink bus communication
Safety Features Automated error detection, safety interlocks, program self-check integration

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