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JM Slow Speed Electric Winch

The JM slow speed electric winch is specifically designed for precise and controlled lifting and pulling operations. Whether for construction sites, mines, factories, or installation projects, this gear reducer drive winch is versatile enough for use on boats and ships for anchoring, mooring, and towing tasks. With a rated load capacity ranging from 1 to 200 tons and working speeds between 5 and 16 m/min, it is a cost-effective alternative to high-speed electric winches.

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Slow Speed Electric Winch


  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for vertical lifting and horizontal pulling in various environments including construction, mining, factories, and marine settings.
  • Customizable Options: Available in single and dual-speed designs with multiple pull capacities, drum sizes, motor types, and other customizable features to meet specific needs.
  • High-Quality Components: Constructed with robust and durable materials ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Equipped with advanced features such as limit switches, overload limiters, and thermal protection for safe and efficient operation.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Especially designed for marine duty with corrosion-resistant motors, gearboxes, and topcoats.

Product Description

The JM Slow Speed Electric Winch series is meticulously designed to meet the challenging demands of heavy-duty lifting and pulling operations found in construction, mining, and marine environments. This series stands out for its gear reducer drive mechanism, which provides a reliable and efficient force for managing large loads.

Equipped with dual drums and steel wire rope grooves, the JM winches ensure stable bidirectional tension and are capable of performing under high-load conditions with remarkable ease. These winches are not only effective for vertical lifting but also excel in horizontal pulling, making them highly versatile across various applications.

Designed to perform in harsh environments, the JM winches come with marine duty motors and gearboxes that feature protected breathers to equalize pressure and prevent saltwater exposure. The comprehensive range of options and accessories—including various motor configurations, drum sizes, and cable materials—allows for extensive customization to meet specific operational requirements.

With a focus on safety and efficiency, the JM series incorporates multiple safety features like spindle limit switches, proximity limit switches, and thermal protection for electric motors. These features ensure the winch operates within safe working conditions, preventing accidents and equipment damage.

Whether it’s for construction lifting, shipyard traction, or heavy equipment installation, the JM Slow Speed Electric Winch provides a robust and reliable solution that enhances productivity while ensuring operational safety.

Customization Options:

Our JM series slow speed electric winches can be tailored to meet specific requirements, offering options such as:

  • Limit switches (spindle and proximity types)
  • Overload limiters
  • Grooved drums for better rope management
  • Single or three-phase motors
  • Various drum sizes to accommodate different rope capacities
  • Steel or stainless steel cables
  • Multiple cable drum compartments
  • Different voltage configurations
  • Thermal protection for electric motors
ModelRated Load (kN)Rated Load (tons)Rated Speed (m/min)Rope Capacity (m)Rope Diameter (mm)Motor TypeMotor Power (kW)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
ModelRated Load (kN)Rated Load (tons)Rated Speed (m/min)Rope Capacity (m)Rope Diameter (mm)Motor TypeMotor Power (kW)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)

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