Non-Standard Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The Non-Standard Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist is designed with two sets of hook pulley devices, providing simultaneous lifting or lowering at both suspension points. Ideal for high-capacity and heavy-duty lifting in various industrial applications.

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Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist


  1. Dual Suspension System: Equipped with a set of hook pulley devices at both ends of the drum for synchronized lifting.
  2. Customizable Lifting Capacity: Available in capacities of 2x5t, 2x10t, and 2x16t.
  3. Variable Lifting Height: Adjustable lifting height ranging from 6 to 30 meters.
  4. Precise Lifting Speed Control: Multiple speed options with 7 (0.7/7) m/min, 4.5 (0.45/4.5) m/min, and 2.3 (0.23/2.3) m/min.
  5. High Efficiency Power System: Powerful motors ranging from 13 kW to 18.5 kW.
  6. Robust Construction: Steel body reducer with FM technology.
  7. Versatile Control: Operable via handle or remote control.
  8. High Protection & Insulation: IP44/54/55 protection level and Class F insulation.
  9. Multi-Point Suspension: Dual suspension points separated by 3 to 12 meters span.

Product Description

The Non-Standard Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist is an innovative solution for heavy-duty lifting applications. Its unique design incorporates two sets of hook pulley devices, providing synchronized lifting or lowering at two suspension points separated by a defined distance. This Dual Suspension Electric Hoist is specifically crafted to handle high-capacity loads with precision and safety.

With lifting capacities ranging from 2x5t to 2x16t and lifting heights from 6 to 30 meters, this High Capacity Electric Hoist is adaptable to various industrial needs. Its variable speed control ensures precise lifting, while the robust steel body reducer with FM technology guarantees durability. The Wire Rope Hoist for Heavy Lifting is powered by high-efficiency motors ranging from 13 kW to 18.5 kW, ensuring maximum performance.

The dual suspension points can span distances between 3 and 12 meters, making it suitable for lifting large gates or other heavy objects. Safety is prioritized with IP44/54/55 protection levels and Class F insulation. The versatile control options, including handle and remote control, add to the ease of use.

This Heavy-Duty Electric Hoist is suitable for overhead crane applications, industrial lifting, and other heavy-duty uses. It is fully customizable to meet specific requirements, making it the perfect solution for complex lifting tasks.

Lifting Height (m)6-306-309-24
Lifting Point Span (m)3-123-123-12
Roping Method2/4+2/42/4+2/41/4+1/4
Lifting Speed (m/min)7 (0.7/7)4.5 (0.45/4.5)2.3 (0.23/2.3)
Lifting Power (kW)13 (1.5/13)18.5 (2.2/18.5)18.5 (2.2/18.5)
Running Speed (m/min)202020
Operating Power (kW)0.8*20.8*41.5*4
Protection LevelIP44/54/55IP44/54/55IP44/54/55
Insulation LevelClass FClass FClass F
Release MethodElectric + ManualElectric + ManualElectric + Manual
Reducer TypeFMFMFM
Spreader TypeGate Lifting LugsGate Lifting LugsGate Lifting Lugs
Operation MethodHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/Remote
Job GradeM3M3M3
Power Supply3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ

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Non-Standard Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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