1 Ton to 50 Ton Yale VS III Chain Hoists: Top Quality, Manual Operated Hand Chain Hoists

product name:Hand chain hoist
Model Number:Yale VS III
Capacity:250kg to 50 Ton
Maximum Lifting Height:10m
Place of Origin:China
Customized support:OEM, ODM

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1 Ton to 50 Ton Yale VS III Chain Hoists Top Quality, Manual Operated Hand Chain Hoists (1)
1 Ton to 50 Ton Yale VS III Chain Hoists Top Quality, Manual Operated Hand Chain Hoists (8)


1.Strong bolts between side plates and housing cover and the reinfor- -ced hand wheel cover ensure increased stability.
2.Precision machined guide rollers ensure smooth running of the load chain.
3.High quality bearings for gearbox, side plates and load chain sheave permit a long service life.
4.Zinc-plated and yellow-chromated brake parts and guide rollers en- -sure increased corrosion protection.
5.Zinc-plated load chain as standard for added corrosion protection.

Product Description

Extremely low overall height allows optimal use of avail able headroom. Fully enclosed stamped steel housing allows also outdoor use. The improved hand chain guide prevents canting or jamming of the hand chain, leading to a smooth running of the chain. High quality bearings on side plates, gearbox and load chain sheave ensure smooth operation of load chain and drive pinion.
Optimized hand forces set standards for easy operation.
The hooks are equipped with robust safety latches and can rotate 360°



in kg/

Number of

chain falls




d x p in mm/


Lift per 1 m


hand chain



Handle pull


at WLL




at standard lift

(3 m)


VSIII 0,25/1N04200123250/14 x 12 – T50204.9
VSIII 0,5/1N04200124500/15 x 15 – T26219.0
VSIII 1,0/1N042001251000/16 x 18 – T242411.5
VSIII 1,5/1N042001341500/18 x 24 – T173017.5
VSIII 2,0/1N042001262000/18 x 24 – T193219.0
VSIII 2,0/2N042001272000/26 x 18 – T152917.3
VSIII 3,0/1N042001283000/110 x 30 – T124031.0
VSIII 3,0/2N042001293000/28 x 24 – T103727.0
VSIII 5,0/2N042001305000/210 x 30 – T8414.0
VSIII 10/419203938310000/410 x 30 – T2.843778.5
VSIII 20/819203938420000/810 x 30 – T1.4244.5197
VSIII 30/1219203938530000/1210 x 30 – T0.8346.3268
VSIII 50/1819203938650000/1810 x 30 – T0.5653.6540

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