Single-beam Suspension Hanging Overhead Crane

Our EXK model suspended crane combines lightweight design with high strength and durability, making it ideal for various lifting applications. With a maximum capacity of 16,000kg and a lifting height of up to 60 meters, it offers excellent performance and precision for industrial operations.

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Single-beam suspension crane


  1. Safer Button Box: The crane is equipped with a button box that moves freely along with the bridge, providing safer and more convenient operation.

  2. Flexible Cable and Rail: Utilizes flexibility flat cable and C-type rail to prevent open circuits and ensure reliable electrical connections.

  3. Anti-Derail Mechanism: Equipped with both electrical and mechanical anti-derail systems to enhance safety and reliability during operation.

  4. Dual Crane Operation: Capable of two cranes moving together, traveling, and lifting simultaneously, allowing for precise positioning and increased efficiency.

  5. Large Span Capability: Suitable for large span plants, with a maximum span of 60 meters, making it versatile for various industrial settings.

  6. High Performance: With a maximum lifting capacity of 16,000kg and adjustable lifting speeds ranging from 0.4 to 16m/min, the EXK suspended crane offers high performance and flexibility for diverse lifting needs.

Product Description

The EXK suspended crane is engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, featuring a box-section main bridge designed with optimal German technology. This ensures a robust structure with enhanced strength and wear-resistant rail surface for long-lasting performance.

  • Model Number: EXK
  • Capacity: Max 16,000kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 60m
  • Span: Max 36m
  • Lift Speed: 0.4-16m/min
  • Long Travelling Speed: 5-40m/min
  • Cross Travelling Speed: 2-20m/min
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Customized Support: OEM, ODM

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