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Small Figure Electric Winch PJD-1: Anchor Windlass Electric Winch for Boats

In need of a compact yet powerful winching solution for your boat? Look no further than our Small Figure Electric Winch PJD-1. With integrated flashlight functionality and robust construction, this Electric Winch ensures reliable performance for your marine needs.


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  • Integrated Flashlight: Seamlessly combines a flashlight with the winch for enhanced functionality and convenience.

  • Compact Design: With a small figure design, this winch delivers big energy while maintaining a dignified appearance and sturdy structure.

  • Dual-Mode Operation: Features an integrated dual-mode design allowing effortless switching between electric and manual working modes, providing versatility in various environments.

Product Description

The PJD-1 Electric Winch is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of marine applications. Its high-performance motor, coupled with a maintenance-free reduction gearbox and multi-stage helical gear transmission, ensures reliable and efficient operation. With features like motor overheating protection and a near-magnetic conical brake, this winch offers both safety and durability, making it ideal for use in harsh marine environments.

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B mm528528615
C mm244244326
D mm8585140
E mm250250260
F mm214214280
G mm9917
T mm257257280

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