10T-15T Pneumatic Winches

Explore our heavy-duty pneumatic winch series, featuring robust 10 to 15-ton capacities. These winches are powered by compressed air and equipped with piston air motor drive, manual or remote control options, and hand brake plus air brake for safe lifting operations.

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Pneumatic winch 10T-15T


  • Capacities: 10-15 Ton
  • Compressed Air Powered
  • Piston Air Motor Drive
  • Manual & Remote Control Options
  • Hand Brake + Air Brake for Safety
  • Overload Protection
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction

Product Description

Our 10T-15T pneumatic winches are designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease and efficiency. Powered by compressed air, these winches offer reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. Equipped with piston air motor drive, they ensure smooth and powerful operation. Users can choose between manual or remote control options based on their specific requirements. The inclusion of hand brake plus air brake enhances safety during lifting operations, while overload protection further ensures the longevity of the winch. Built to withstand corrosion, these winches are suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction sites to marine environments.
Model Pull Force (kN) Speed (m/min) Cylinder Diameter (Φ mm)
QJH100 100 0-10 Φ300
QJH125 125 0-5 Φ350
QJH150 150 0-5 Φ380

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