Yale ERGO 360 Rotate Manual Level Hoist

Transform your lifting operations with the Yale ERGO 360 Rotate Manual Lever Hoist, engineered for superior performance and safety. This hoist offers a unique 360-degree rotating handle for easy operation, making it ideal for both industrial and construction environments.

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Yale 360 manual hoist
Yale ERGO 360 Rotate Manual Level Hoist6


  1. 360-Degree Rotating Handle: Innovative design allows for effortless operation from any angle, enhancing productivity and safety.
  2. Durable Aluminum Housing: Lightweight yet sturdy with a powder coating to withstand tough conditions.
  3. Precision Load Control: Features a covered load pressure brake for accurate load positioning, free from dirt and moisture.
  4. High-Strength Alloy Steel Chain: Zinc-plated or yellow chromated finish meets rigorous national and international standards.
  5. Versatile Lifting and Pulling: Suitable for a wide range of applications with a capacity from 750Kg to 3000Kg and up to 10m lifting height.
  6. Easy Load Attachment: Standard free chaining device allows for quick and secure load handling.
  7. Robust Chain Guide: Ensures smooth operation and longevity.
  8. Safety Enhanced Hooks: Rotatable forged top and load hooks with safety latches for secure lifting.
  9. Visible Operation Indicators: Clear viewing window on the hand lever to monitor operation mode and chain status.
  10. Certified and Customizable: CE and ISO certified with options for OEM and ODM customization.

Product Description

The Yale ERGO 360 Rotate Manual Lever Hoist is designed to redefine manual lifting, blending high efficiency with ergonomic safety features. This hoist is crafted with a high-strength aluminum housing and top-quality bearings to ensure durability and a long service life, even under the most demanding conditions.

Its patented crank handle design permits 360-degree operation, which not only increases productivity but also significantly reduces the risk of injury, making it a favorite in both industrial settings and construction sites. The hoist features a state-of-the-art load pressure brake that is shielded from dirt and moisture, ensuring precise load positioning every time.

The Yale ERGO 360 is not just robust but also versatile, equipped with a high-quality alloy steel chain that conforms to both national and international standards. This durability is complemented by the practicality of the forged hooks and safety latches, which ensure reliable load suspension.

With capacities ranging from 750Kg to 9000Kg and a lifting height of up to 10 meters, this hoist is adaptable to a variety of lifting tasks. Each model is built to facilitate easy and safe operation, from routine workshop tasks to more complex rigging operations in larger industrial projects.

ModelCapacity (kg)Chain Dimensions (mm)Lift per Full Lever Turn (mm)Handle Pull at WLL (daN)Weight (kg)
YaleERGO 360 7507505.6 x 17.1 – T27.2216.7
YaleERGO 360 150015007.1 x 21 – T21.7319.6
YaleERGO 360 3000300010 x 28 – V20.14317.2
YaleERGO 360 6000600010 x 28 – V10.14628.9
YaleERGO 360 9000900010 x 28 – V6.75049.5

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Yale ERGO 360 rotate hoist
Manual lever hoist

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