Yale Unoplus Ratchet Lever Hoist – Efficient Manual Hand Chain Block

Yale Unoplus Ratchet Lever Hoist combines effortless operation with optimized gearing, sturdy construction, and versatile functionality. With a capacity range of 750-6000 kg and a maximum lifting height of 10m, it’s the perfect solution for various industrial lifting needs.

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Manual hand chain block
Yale ratchet lever hoist


  • Optimized gearing for minimal effort operation
  • Steel hand wheel for durability
  • Automatic screw-and-disc type load brake for safety
  • Free chaining device for quick load attachment
  • Robust chain guide rollers for smooth operation
  • Sturdy bottom block with encapsulated bolt connections

Product Description

The Yale Unoplus Ratchet Lever Hoist is engineered to deliver efficient and reliable manual lifting performance in various industrial settings. Its compact design and sturdy construction ensure durability and ease of operation. Equipped with optimized gearing and an automatic load brake, this hoist offers smooth and safe lifting operations. The inclusion of a free chaining device and robust chain guide rollers further enhances its usability and reliability.

  • Model: Yale Unoplus
  • Capacity Range: 750-6000 kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 10m
  • Working Pressure: 5-7 bar
  • Lift Speed: 2-11 m/min
  • Horizontal Running Speed: 18 m/min
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Customized Support: OEM, ODM




Number of

chain falls



d x p in mm/



with one full

lever turn


Handle pull

at WLL



at standard lift

(1.5 m)


UNOplus-A 75075015.6 x 17.1 – T27226.3
UNOplus-A 1500150017.1 x 21 – T22359.2
UNOplus-A 30003000110 x 28 – V204016.9
UNOplus-A 60006000210 x 28 – V104328.6

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Product Application

Hand chain block with ratchet lever
Yale manual hand chain hoist

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