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Dual-Mode Manual Electric Winch – Versatile and Convenient Hand-Electric Integration

Experience the flexibility of our dual-mode manual electric winch, offering seamless switching between hand crank and electric drive modes. With innovative braking technology and a lightweight aluminum alloy handle, it ensures safety, reliability, and ease of operation.


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Manual electric winch


  • Dual-mode design for manual and electric operation.
  • Innovative braking technology for enhanced safety.
  • Multi-point handle interface for easy hand cranking.
  • All aluminum alloy die-casting handle for durability and convenience.

Product Description

Our dual-mode manual electric winch combines the convenience of electric operation with the versatility of manual hand cranking. With the ability to freely switch between modes, users can adapt to various lifting tasks with ease. The winch features traditional electromagnetic brakes along with innovative front torsion spring brake technology, ensuring safe and reliable operation in any scenario.

Equipped with a multi-point handle interface, this winch allows for arbitrary switching between two hand cranking speeds, making manual operation effortless and intuitive. The handle is constructed of full aluminum alloy die-casting, reducing weight while improving durability and user comfort.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial settings to recreational use, this winch offers flexibility, reliability, and ease of use.

  • Power Source: Electric/manual
  • Lifting Capacity: Customizable
  • Brake Type: Electromagnetic/front torsion spring
  • Handle Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Operation Modes: Manual, electric
  • Application: Industrial, recreational

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