Efficient Manual Crank Winch with Versatile Operation and Reliable Traction

product name:Hand winch
Model Number:MODEL KJW
Place of Origin:China
Customized support:OEM, ODM

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Efficient Manual Crank Winch with Versatile Operation and Reliable Traction


1.The winch has two drums that rotate in the same direction at the s- -ame time, each drum is equipped with several special steel wire rope grooves and two steel wire rope crimps.

2.Provide stable bidirectional tension to prevent the steel wire rope from loosening on its own. Users can easily wind the wire rope from  any part of the circular wire rope onto the drum

3.According to the purpose of use, the winch not only provides bidir- -ectional traction options in one direction, but also provides traction  options in various directions. In addition, it also has a one-way pull f- -unction. Due to its lightweight and small size, users can use it in a     wide range of locations.

Product Description

Adopting a right angle shaft drive, with high transmission effic- -iency, it can easily handle the lifting work of large goods. Eq- -uipped with a hand crank, it is convenient for users to operate without power. Simple and easy to operate, it is a winch with e- -xcellent performance and convenient operation.

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