1 ton Portable Electric whirlpool crane wire rope winch cable mineria winches

product name:electric wire rope winch
Model Number:PJW-2
Maximum Lifting Height:60m
Lift Speed:3.6-5.9m/min
Working level:1Am
Place of Origin:China
Customized support:OEM, ODM

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. Solid and safe
· Maintenance free bearing
· Protection grade IP54, insulation grade F
· Standard overload protection from 1000kg
· It is suitable for powerful three-phase motors with multi range voltage of 380-415v/50Hz or 60Hz 1 speed suspension control with 1m cable
. Standard 2m power cord, including 16A CEE plug

Product Description

Customized, customer positioning: for stage, precise traction, optional servo motor Do automatic control. Lifting and towing, in-line The drum shaft is equipped with brake, and the reducer industry is also equipped with brake for double protection

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Product Application

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