European Planetary Wire Rope Electric Hoist – FOH/FOHS Series

The Non-Standard Double-Suspended Electric Wire Rope Hoist is designed with two sets of hook pulley devices, providing simultaneous lifting or lowering at both suspension points. Ideal for high-capacity and heavy-duty lifting in various industrial applications.

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Planetary Gear Electric Hoist
European-Style Wire Rope Electric Hoist


  1. European Design: Advanced European design meets global standards with a compact structure.
  2. Planetary Gear System: High-efficiency planetary gear system ensures smooth operation and precise lifting.
  3. Customizable Lifting Capacity: Available in capacities ranging from 2t to 32t.
  4. Variable Lifting Heights: Adjustable lifting heights from 6 to 30 meters.
  5. Flexible Roping Method: Options include 1/2, 1/4, and 1/6 for different lifting applications.
  6. Precise Speed Control: Multiple speed options up to 10 m/min for lifting and 20 m/min for running.
  7. Versatile Mounting: Can be mounted on I-beam, H-shaped steel, box beam, or crane frames.
  8. Multi-Crane Compatibility: Suitable for single girder, double girder, and gantry cranes.
  9. Easy Operation: Handle and remote control options available.
  10. High Protection & Insulation: IP44/54/55 protection level and Class F insulation.

Product Description

The FOH/FOHS series European Planetary Wire Rope Electric Hoist is a newly developed lifting solution combining advanced European design with a high-efficiency planetary gear system. This European-style wire rope electric hoist is available in multiple models and specifications to meet diverse industrial needs.

Designed for both single and double girder cranes, it provides a lightweight and compact option for material handling. With customizable lifting capacities ranging from 2t to 32t and lifting heights up to 30 meters, this European Crane Electric Hoist is perfect for a wide range of applications, including simple cargo lifting, equipment installation, and assembly line operations.

The Planetary Gear Electric Hoist features a flexible roping method, enabling precise control and high efficiency during lifting. It comes with adjustable lifting speeds, reaching up to 10 m/min, and running speeds of 20 m/min. The FOH/FOHS series European Electric Wire Rope Hoist can be easily mounted on various tracks or crane frames, including I-beam, H-shaped steel, and box beam.

Its versatile control options include handle and remote control, ensuring ease of use in any working condition. With IP44/54/55 protection levels and Class F insulation, this European Standard Electric Hoist is built to withstand demanding industrial environments.

Lifting Height (m)6-306-306-306-309-249-249-24
Roping Method1/21/21/21/21/41/41/6
Lifting Speed (m/min)1010/3.31010/3.388/2.64
Lifting Power (kW)
Running Speed (m/min)20202020202020
Operating Power (kW)*20.75*21.5*21.5*4
Operation MethodHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/RemoteHandle/Remote
Job GradeM4/M5M4/M5M4/M5M4/M5M4/M5M4/M5M4/M5
Power Supply3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ


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