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1.Design, customize and produce a variety of heavy shelves and pallets.
2.The designed product has stable structure, strong bearing capacityand is convenient for transportation and assembly.
3.The main material is steel, which is made by special equipment, sup–ported by various profiles, and connected by high standard welding process. Smooth surface, safe use, high strength, high and low temper–ature resistance.
4.After polishing, polishing and painting, the waterproof, anti-corresi–on and anti rust properties of the produet are guaranteed.
5.Telescopic cantilever shelf, innovative design, different materials areplaced separately, and designated materials can be removed manuallyor electrically, which is conveniant for crane holsting, greatly improvingthe convenience of operation and site utilization. While improving workeficieney, it ensures the safety of operators.
6.It can be customized with various bases for different preducts, witha wide range of applications.
7.Applicable to a varlety of industries: steel, metal products, buildingmaterials, machinery, mold praduction, manufacturing and processing,

Product Description

The heavy pallet shelf is made of high -quality cold-rolled steel plateand ralled into shape. The column can be as high as 6 meters withoutjaints in the middle. The cress beam is made of high-quality squaresteel, which has lerge bearing caparcity and is not easy to deform. Thependant between the cross beam and the column is a cylindrical convexinsert, which is reliable in connection, easy to disassemble and assemble,and uses locking nails to prevent the cross beam from being lifted upwhen the torklift is werking: The surfaces of all shelves are treated bypickling, phosphating, electrestatic spraying and other processes to pr-“event corrosion and rust, with beautiful appearance. It is suitable forlarge warehouses.

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