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Permanent Magnet Motor Built-in Mining Hoist Winch

Revolutionising the mining industry, our integrated mining hoist with permanent magnet motor offers unprecedented stability, safety and efficiency. With state-of-the-art technology and a compact design, it increases productivity while minimising operating costs.


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  • Advanced Technology: New generation permanent magnet synchronous speed control technology.
  • High Precision: Speed control range of 0.01Hz-15Hz, 100 times more precise than traditional hoists.
  • Safety and Reliability: Automatically enters a power generation mode during system failures, ensuring safe descent.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Internal motor design reduces the main unit weight by 45% and footprint by 50%.
  • Energy Efficient: Improved working efficiency by 15% and overall energy savings up to 30%.
  • Low Noise Operation: Noise levels as low as 60dB for a quieter working environment.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Reduced maintenance requirements due to the elimination of gearboxes, couplings, and lubrication stations.

Product Description

The Permanent Magnet Motor Built-in Mining Hoist Winch represents the pinnacle of modern mining technology, offering numerous advantages over traditional mining hoists. Equipped with the latest permanent magnet synchronous speed control technology, this mining winch offers unrivalled performance and reliability, ensuring smooth and efficient operation in the most demanding mining environments.

Advanced technology
The new generation permanent magnet synchronous speed control technology used in this mining winch offers a speed control range of 0.01Hz to 15Hz. This results in a speed control accuracy that is 100 times greater than that of conventional hoists, providing significantly smoother and more stable operation.

Safety and reliability
Safety is paramount in mining operations and this mining winch excels in this area. In the event of a system power failure or brake malfunction, the winch automatically enters a power generation mode. This generates power to enable a controlled descent of the hoist, effectively preventing runaway accidents.

Compact and lightweight design
The innovative design of the mining hoist winch with integrated permanent magnet motor eliminates the need for traditional gearboxes, couplings and lubrication stations. The motor is housed inside the drum, reducing the weight of the main unit by 45% and the overall footprint by 50%. This compact and lightweight design not only simplifies transportation and installation, but also significantly reduces initial infrastructure investment.

Energy efficiency
By eliminating the power losses associated with gearboxes, couplings and lubrication stations, the permanent magnet motor in the mining hoist winch achieves a 15% increase in operating efficiency. In addition, its ability to return energy to the grid under all load conditions contributes to overall energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional mining hoists.

Quiet operation
With noise levels as low as 60dB, this mining winch provides a quiet and comfortable working environment. This is particularly beneficial to the operator’s wellbeing and contributes to a more pleasant working environment.

Minimal maintenance
The sophisticated permanent magnet motor technology has an extremely low failure rate. Combined with the elimination of gearboxes, couplings and lubrication stations, the maintenance requirements for this mining winch are significantly reduced. This results in lower operating costs and less downtime for maintenance.

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