Single Girder Height Adjustable Mobile Portable Gantry Crane

product name:Electric Mobile Gantry Crane
Model Number:LSM
Maximum Lifting Height:20m
Lift Speed:2.7/8m/min,1.3/4m/min,0.7/2m/min
Horizontal running speed:5/20m/min
Place of Origin:China
Customized support:OEM, ODM

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Single Girder Height Adjustable Mobile Portable Gantry Crane2


Karui gantry crane for use in all areas, from crafts-man‘s workshops, garages and industrial use. They are suitable for low to medium weight capacities and are also for outdoor use.
The cranes are moved by hand and are not dependant on a rail system.
The guidelines for moving Yalesystems gantry cranes and transporting loads should be strictly followed.
• Increased paint layer (120 µm) or hot-dip galvanisation for outdoor use.
• Hoist cover for outdoor use. Scope of delivery
• 3-part construction with 2 robust rectangular steel-bar supports and 1 load carrier beam.
• Manually moveable, parking brake by threaded spindle.
• Power supply by festooned cables incl. flat cables,
C type mounting rail, cable trolley, support arms and towing trolleys.
• Cranes are supplied with an operating manual and complete manufacturer‘s documentation.

Product Description

Rated Loading Capacity3 Ton, 6 TON, 8 Ton, 7 ton, 5 ton, 4 TON, 10 TON, 1.5 Ton, 0.5 ton, 2 ton, 1 Ton
Max. Lifting Height3M,10M,6m

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