110v Smart Digital Electric Chain Hoist with Precision Weight Display

Introducing the cutting-edge Smart Digital Electric Chain Hoist, engineered for precision lifting with real-time weight display and variable speed control. Ideal for diverse industrial applications, this hoist combines efficiency with smart technology, ensuring a safe and reliable operation.


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Smart Digital Electric Chain Hoist


  1. Permanent Magnet Frequency Technology: Provides smooth and stable lifting, reducing energy consumption by over 45%.
  2. Dual Speed Capability: High and low-speed settings to suit various operational needs.
  3. Precision Digital Weight Display: Real-time load monitoring with the ability to record and query data, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  4. Dual Safety Brake System: Includes an instant motor deceleration and mechanical ratchet brake for enhanced safety during power outages.
  5. Easy Installation: Separate switch and power lines for straightforward setup.
  6. Compact and Portable Design: Small size and lightweight for easy mobility.
  7. Customizable Voltage Options: Available in single-phase 110V, 220V, and DC configurations (12V, 18V, 24V, 36V, 48V).
  8. Micro Limit Switches: Automatically cut off power when the chain reaches its upper or lower limits, preventing mechanical collisions.
  9. Heavy Duty Construction: Suitable for demanding industrial environments.

Product Description

The Smart Digital Electric Chain Hoist revolutionizes lifting operations with its state-of-the-art permanent magnet frequency technology, ensuring smooth and energy-efficient performance. This innovative tool is designed not just for efficiency but also for utmost safety with features such as dual-speed settings and dual safety brakes.

Equipped with a digital interface that displays weight in real-time, this hoist allows operators to monitor load precisely, ensuring compliance with safety standards and operational demands. The capability to record and review lifting data provides an added layer of operational intelligence, making this hoist ideal for complex industrial tasks in environments like warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Its compact and lightweight design makes the Smart Digital Electric Chain Hoist highly portable, fitting easily into various setups, including low headroom spaces. It is also customizable to different electrical standards, supporting both AC and DC power supplies, which facilitates its adoption in global industrial applications.

This hoist is also equipped with micro limit switches that enhance safety by preventing over-travel of the chain, which is crucial in avoiding mechanical collisions. With its robust design and advanced features, this hoist is suitable for a wide range of applications, from overhead cranes to assembly lines, and is especially beneficial in areas requiring precise weight handling such as in chemical processing or metal fabrication industries.

Model Lifting Speed Power Supply Control Type Weight Display Safety Features Dimensions
XYZ100 Variable 110/220V, DC Options Remote Control Digital Dual Brakes, Overload Protection Compact Size

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