Wall jib crane LWX

The LWX Wall Jib Crane is meticulously crafted for wall or column mounting. This workstation crane boasts a 180° slew range, supporting jib arm lengths up to 7m and Safe Working Loads (SWL) of up to 0.5t.

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Wall jib crane LWX


  • SWL up to 0.5 t.
  • Jib length up to 7 m.
  • Slewing range 180°.
  • With ABUS electric chain hoist.
  • Great range of additional equipment as option.
  • With various mounting options.

Product Description

The LWX Wall Jib Crane is designed for wall or column mounting, providing a 180° slew range, jib arm lengths up to 7m, and Safe Working Loads (SWL) of up to 0.5t.

Perfect for spaces with low ceilings and limited floor space, the LWX wall jib crane offers a low-build headroom for favorable lift height. Alongside its standard features, customization options include electric hoist traveling and ABURemote radio remote control.

The included wall bracket facilitates easy mounting on a steel support within a wall. Various mounting solutions are available to suit different building arrangements.

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