Yale Columbus McKinnon G3 Wire Rope Electric Hoist

The Columbus McKinnon G3 wire rope electric hoist is an industry-leading hoist featuring the latest production technology and materials for superior safety, flexibility, and reliability.

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  • 140+ years of lifting experience and expertise
  • Leading safety features
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Long service life even under heavy use
  • Ergonomic and easy to operate

Product Description

The Columbus McKinnon G3 wire rope electric hoist combines cutting-edge design with high quality components to deliver one of the most capable and competitive electric hoists on the market. With over 140 years of experience, Columbus McKinnon sets the standard for efficiency, safety, and innovation in lifting and material handling equipment. The G3 hoist is engineered for maximum uptime and operator safety, with state of the art safety mechanisms, robust construction to withstand demanding applications, and intuitive controls for ease of use. Multiple configurations are available including increased lift heights, hazardous environment ratings, and specialized control options to suit a wide range of industries and requirements. When performance and reliability are critical, the G3 electric hoist delivers.

SpecificationsColumbus McKinnon G3 Wire Rope Electric Hoist
Load CapacityUp to 5 tonnes
Lift HeightUp to 30 meters
SpeedUp to 25 m/min
Power Supply380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Frame Size125mm to 250mm
Travelling SpeedUp to 50 m/min
Duty CycleA5-A8
ControlsPush Button, Pendant, Radio Remote
CertificationsISO, ASME, CMAA, CE
ConstructionAlloy steel frame, precision machined gears
Safety DevicesUpper and lower limit switches, emergency stop
OptionsSpark resistant, weather resistant, low headroom trolleys, automatic lubrication
Warranty12 months standard

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