ABUS Type E – Monorail Wire Rope Hoists

ABUS Type E monorail wire rope hoists offer versatile and economic solutions for material flow applications, featuring a compact design and adjustable cross travel trolley for enhanced flexibility.

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  1. Wide Safe Working Load Range: SWL range from 1 ton to 16 tons, catering to diverse lifting requirements.
  2. Advanced Technology: Produced using the most advanced technology at ABUS production plants, ensuring reliability and durability.
  3. Customizable Models: Customers can choose from a wide range of models based on their specific application needs, from standard to special crab unit designs.
  4. Compact Design: The compact design of the Type E hoist offers favorable dimensions, suitable for applications with limited space.
  5. Direct Drive Cross Travel Motors: Equipped with two direct drive cross travel motors for efficient and precise movement.
  6. Adjustable Cross Travel Trolley: The cross travel trolley is adjustable to accommodate various flange widths, providing versatility in installation.
  7. Economic Choice: Type E hoists are an economic choice for standard material flow applications, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising performance.
  8. High Uptime Availability: ABUS wire rope hoists ensure the highest levels of uptime availability and safety within materials handling operations.
  9. Reliability and Durability: Built with decades of research and development, ABUS hoists are known for their reliability and durability in demanding environments.

Product Description

ABUS Type E Monorail Wire Rope Hoists stand as the epitome of reliability and efficiency in material handling. Produced at ABUS production plants with cutting-edge technology, these hoists offer unparalleled performance and durability. With a Safe Working Load range from 1 ton to 16 tons, they cater to a wide spectrum of lifting needs. The compact design, coupled with two direct drive cross travel motors and an adjustable cross travel trolley, ensures efficient and precise movement even in confined spaces. Whether it’s standard applications or specialized requirements, the Type E hoists deliver exceptional performance, making them the preferred choice for material flow applications worldwide.

Safe Working Load (SWL)1 ton – 16 tons
Cross Travel MotorsTwo direct drive motors
Cross Travel TrolleyAdjustable to suit various flange widths
ConstructionCompact and robust steel structure

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