Custom 10T Pneumatic Winch for Platform Lifting – Dual Air Brake, 350m Length

The custom pneumatic winch by KRC, with a lifting capacity of 10T, features a dual air brake system and a generous 350m length, making it ideal for heavy-duty platform lifting applications.

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Pneumatic winch with air brake


  • Dual air brake system for enhanced safety
  • 350m length for versatile lifting tasks
  • Customized design for specific project needs
  • Powerful 30kW rated power
  • Ø18mm rope diameter and cable diameter
  • Maximum cable storage of 200m
  • First layer tension of 100kN
  • Minimum air consumption of 8 m³/min
  • Rope speed adjustable from 0 to 120m/min
  • Net weight of 2500kg

Product Description

The custom 10T pneumatic winch from KRC is designed to meet the demanding requirements of platform lifting applications across various industries. With its robust construction and advanced features, it ensures safe and efficient lifting operations.

Equipped with a dual air brake system, this winch offers enhanced safety by providing reliable braking performance even under heavy loads. The 350m length allows for versatile lifting tasks, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a powerful 30kW rated power, Ø18mm rope diameter, and cable diameter, this winch delivers exceptional performance and durability. Its adjustable rope speed from 0 to 120m/min allows for precise control over lifting operations.

With a net weight of 2500kg, this winch is sturdy and reliable, capable of handling heavy loads with ease. Whether it’s for industrial use or specific project requirements, this custom pneumatic winch is the perfect solution for platform lifting needs.

  • Model: Custom Pneumatic Winch
  • Capacity: 10T
  • Brake System: Dual Air Brake
  • Rope Diameter: Ø18mm
  • Cable Diameter: Ø18mm
  • Maximum Cable Storage: 200m
  • First Layer Tension: 100kN
  • Minimum Air Consumption: 8 m³/min
  • Rope Speed: 0-120m/min
  • Net Weight: 2500kg

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