EXK Single-beam Suspension Hanging Overhead Crane

Elevate your industrial operations with the EXK Single-beam Suspension Hanging Overhead Crane, designed for heavy-duty lifting with a maximum capacity of 16,000kg and up to 60 meters in lifting height. Ideal for large-span industrial environments.

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Single-beam Suspension Crane


  • High Capacity Lifting: Supports up to 16,000kg, suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Extended Reach: Offers a maximum lifting height of 60 meters and a span of up to 36 meters.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes both electrical and mechanical anti-derail systems, and a freely moving safer button box.
  • Flexible Operation: Dual crane capability allows for synchronized traveling and lifting, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Robust Design: Features a box-section main bridge with wear-resistant rail surfaces for durability.
  • Customizable Speeds: Adjustable lifting speeds from 0.4 to 16m/min to suit specific task requirements.
  • Reliable Electrical System: Utilizes flexible flat cable and C-type rail to ensure stable electrical connections.
  • Certification: Fully certified with CE and ISO standards, ensuring compliance with safety and quality norms.

Product Description

The EXK Single-beam Suspension Hanging Overhead Crane is a powerhouse in precision lifting and efficiency, designed to tackle the demanding needs of modern industrial facilities. With a formidable lifting capacity of up to 16,000kg and a span reaching 36 meters, this crane excels in environments requiring high-performance with extensive reach.

This single-beam crane is equipped with cutting-edge features that enhance its usability and safety. The inclusion of advanced anti-derail systems, both mechanical and electrical, ensures reliable operations under all conditions. The flexible cable and rail system prevents electrical issues, making the crane suitable for continuous operation.

Additionally, the EXK model is capable of dual crane operation, allowing for the synchronized movement of two cranes for complex lifting tasks, significantly increasing efficiency and precision in positioning heavy loads.

Crafted with German technology, the crane’s box-section main bridge is built for strength and longevity, with a wear-resistant rail surface that withstands rigorous use. Its compact and versatile design makes it ideal for factories and other industrial settings where space optimization is crucial.

The crane’s adjustable speed settings allow for tailored operation, making it adaptable to a variety of lifting needs, from construction materials to heavy machinery. With its robust construction and innovative design, the EXK crane is a vital tool for industries looking to enhance their operational capacity and safety.

Model NumberEXK
Maximum Capacity16,000kg
Maximum Lifting Height60m
SpanUp to 36m
Lift Speed0.4-16m/min
Long Travelling Speed5-40m/min
Cross Travelling Speed2-20m/min
CertificationCE, ISO
Customizable OptionsOEM, ODM

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Single-girder crane
Workshop crane

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