Extra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist: Versatile Lifting for Compact Spaces

Master tight spaces with our Extra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist, designed for efficient lifting in confined areas. Ranging from 500kg to 5 tons capacity, it’s perfect for operations requiring high functionality with minimal overhead clearance.

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Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist


  • Compact Design: Optimized structure to maximize vertical space in low-ceiling environments.
  • Versatile Capacity Options: Ranging from 500kg to 5 tons to suit various industrial needs.
  • Adjustable Lift Heights: Standard lift heights between 3m and 9m with customization options.
  • Safe Operation: Low voltage control at 24V or 36V and limit switch devices for enhanced safety.
  • Durable Components: Features an aluminum alloy shell and 80-level chain for strength and longevity.
  • Multiple Trolley Options: Available with hook, push, geared, or electric trolleys to enhance maneuverability.
  • Energy-Efficient Motor: High-efficiency motor with asbestos-free brake system conserves energy and ensures safe stops.
  • Robust Construction: Drop-forged hooks and a strong chain bucket for reliable lifting and secure storage.
  • Customizable Features: Tailor the hoist to specific needs with a range of additional equipment options.

Product Description

The Extra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist epitomizes precision engineering for environments with restricted vertical space. This hoist is specifically crafted to shorten the distance between the machine body and beam tracks, making it ideal for low buildings, including those with temporary structures where maximizing lifting space is critical. Equipped with an aluminum alloy shell and a robust 80-level chain, this hoist promises durability and reliability under rigorous conditions. It supports Safe Working Loads ranging from 500kg to 5 tons, with a lifting height capability from 3m up to 9m, ensuring versatility across various applications. For operations requiring precise control, the hoist features low voltage controls and a high-performance motor that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing output. The inclusion of safety latches on top and bottom hooks, coupled with a heat-treated and fracture-resistant design, underscores a commitment to safety without sacrificing functionality. Available with a variety of trolley options and customizable features, this hoist is designed to meet diverse industrial demands, from warehouse logistics to manufacturing processes. Its compact yet powerful design makes it an indispensable tool in facilities where space efficiency and high-capacity lifting are paramount.
Type Capacity (Ton Lifting Heigh (m) Lifting Speed (m/min) Lifting motor Operating motor L-Bean (mm)
(kw) Rotatior eed( Phases /oltage(V tt Rotaton Spe erno PhaseS Voltage(V) cy (Hz/s
HHBBL0.5-01S 0.5 3/9 7.2 1.1 1440 220-440 50/60 0.4 1440 10/20 220-44C 50/60 100-180
HHBBL01-01S 3/9 6.8 1.5 1440 220-440 50/60 0.4 1440 10/20 220-44C 50/60 100-160
HHBBL02-01S 2 3/9 6.6 3.0 1440 3 220-440 50/60 0.4 1440 10/20 3 220-440 50/60 100-160
HHBBL03-01S 3/9 5.6 3.0 440 220-440 50/60 0.4 1440 0/20 220-440 50/60 120-180
Type Capacity (Ton) Unlt(mm)
H B K M N P a R Chain
HHBBL0.5-01S 0.5 350 460 230 φ32 25 50 17 φ31 φ31 595 410 42 231 φ6.3
HHBBL01-01S 480 520 260 φ40 31 56 24 φ31 φ31 635 450 42 231 φ7.1
HHBBL02-01S 570 620 310 φ49 35 62 30 φ36 φ36 727 512 142 231 φ10.0
HBBL03-01S 640 620 310 φ59 42 74 35 φ43 φ43 779 530 42 231 φ11.2

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