Wire Rope Electric Hoist (Counterweight Pickled Galvanized)

The counterweight pickled galvanized wire rope electric hoist is designed specifically for anti-corrosive environments. Its four-rope, one-line structure and specialized galvanized pickling anti-corrosive features make it the ideal lifting solution for electroplating, pickling, and other industries with high corrosion resistance requirements.

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Pickled Galvanized Wire Rope Hoist
Galvanized Steel Electric Hoist


  1. Unique Double Rope Structure: Ensures balanced force distribution and stable operation.
  2. Flat Hook Design: Combined with user isolation measures for enhanced anti-corrosion effect.
  3. Multiple Protection Levels: Motor and control box options include IP44, IP54, IP55, and IP56.
  4. Shot Blasted Surface Treatment: Achieves Sa2.5, and epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint enhances corrosion resistance.
  5. Galvanized or Stainless Steel Wire Rope: Available with additional anti-corrosive accessories.
  6. Flexible Operation: Remote control or fully automatic operation.
  7. Customizable: Can be tailored according to specific user needs.
  8. Parallel Straight Rope Winding Method: Provides better force balance for lifting.
  9. Wide Application Range: Suitable for electroplating, pickling, and other anti-corrosive industries.

Product Description

The Wire Rope Electric Hoist (Counterweight Pickled Galvanized) is designed with market needs in mind, specifically catering to the pickling industry’s corrosion resistance requirements. It features a unique double rope structure, ensuring balanced force distribution and stable operation. The flat hook design, combined with the user’s isolation measures, enhances the anti-corrosive effect.

With multiple motor and control box protection levels (IP44, IP54, IP55, and IP56), this Electric Hoist for Pickling and Galvanizing is highly versatile. The galvanized and stainless steel wire ropes, combined with epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint, provide unmatched corrosion resistance.

The surface shot blasting treatment of the hoist shell achieves Sa2.5, and the inclusion of remote control and fully automatic operation options ensures maximum flexibility. This Pickling and Galvanizing Electric Hoist is available in M3 and M4 grades, offering superior lifting capabilities.

Lifting Height (m)6-126-126-126-12
Parallel Straight Rope1/22/41/22/4
Lifting Speed (m/min)8 (0.8/8)8 (0.8/8)8 (0.8/8)7 (0.7/7)
Lifting Power (kW)
Running Speed (m/min)0-200-300-200-30
Operating Power (kW)0.4*20.4*20.8*20.8*2
Protection LevelIP44/54/55IP44/54/55IP44/54/55IP44/54/55
Insulation LevelClass FClass FClass FClass F
Operation MethodRemote/AutoRemote/AutoRemote/AutoRemote/Auto
Job GradeM3/M4M3/M4M3/M4M3/M4
Power Supply3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ3P 380V 50HZ
RemarksSpecial Anti-Corrosion, Acid/Alkali Resistant, Anti-Collision Options Available  
  • Electroplating and Pickling: Specifically designed for use in anti-corrosive environments.
  • Construction Industry: Suitable for lifting in harsh environments.
  • Assembly Line Operations: Ideal for finished product handling in factories.
  • Equipment Installation: Suitable for equipment installation and parts handling.

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