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Yalelift 360 Manual Chain Hoist: Versatile and Reliable Lifting Solution

The Yalelift 360 LH Manual Chain Hoist, with integrated low headroom manual trolley, offers superior lifting capabilities from 500 kg to 50 tonnes. Designed for maximum efficiency and safety in confined spaces.


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Yalelift 360 LH Manual Chain Hoist


  • 360° Rotating Hand Chain Guide: Allows operation from virtually any position.
  • Hardened Load Sheave: Ensures accurate movement of the load chain.
  • Enclosed Gearbox: Protects internal components under tough conditions.
  • Innovative Chain Reeving System: Allows bottom block to be pulled laterally up to the beam flange.
  • Adjustable Trolley: Easy and quick assembly with adjusting nuts.
  • Versatile Beam Compatibility: Fits a wide range of beam profiles.
  • Anti-Drop and Anti-Tilt Devices: Provides enhanced safety during operation.
  • Pre-Lubricated Bearings: Ensures excellent rolling features.
  • Adjustable Overload Protection Device: Enhances safety by preventing overloading.
  • Optional Accessories: Chain container, rubber buffers, corrosion-resistant version, and beam locking device.

Product Description

The Yalelift 360 LH Manual Chain Hoist is a versatile and efficient lifting solution, designed to handle loads from 500 kg to 50 tonnes with ease. Its integrated low headroom manual trolley makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. The revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide allows the operator to work from virtually any position, including confined spaces or from above the load.

The hoist features a precisely matched load chain sheave with four precision-machined pockets, ensuring accurate movement of the load chain. The chain guide and gearbox are almost totally enclosed, providing reliable load guidance and protecting the internal gearbox even under the toughest conditions.

One of the standout features of the Yalelift 360 LH is its innovative chain reeving system and chain guide, which allow the bottom block to be pulled laterally to the hoist even further up and almost against the beam flange. The integrated design uses the same manual trolleys as the Yalelift IT series, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

The trolley’s adjustment system is straightforward and quick, using adjusting nuts for simple assembly. Trolleys up to 5 tonnes capacity are offered for two beam ranges: range A for a flange width of up to 180mm, covering approximately 80% of all applications, and range B for beam widths up to 300mm. The conversion between ranges is easy and quick.

Designed for a maximum beam profile incline of 14% (DIN 1025 – part 1), the trolley wheels provide excellent rolling features thanks to pre-lubricated, encapsulated ball bearings. The low headroom version of the Yalelift IT is adjustable to fit a wide range of beam profiles, including INP, IPE, and IPB.

For added safety, the hoist includes anti-drop and anti-tilt devices as standard. Additional features include an adjustable overload protection device, a chain container, rubber buffers, a corrosion-resistant version, and a beam locking device to secure the unloaded hoist with an integrated trolley in a fixed position on the beam.

The Yalelift 360 LH Manual Chain Hoist is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, efficient, and safe lifting solution for various applications, including construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding.

ParameterYalelift 360 LH Manual Chain Hoist
Lifting Weight500 kg – 50 tonnes
Lifting HeightCustomizable
Control MethodManual
Safety FeaturesAnti-drop, Anti-tilt, Overload protection
Trolley AdjustmentAdjustable for beam profiles (INP, IPE, IPB)
Trolley Capacity RangeUp to 5 t for beam ranges A and B
Maximum Beam Incline14% (DIN 1025 – part 1)
BearingsPre-lubricated, encapsulated ball bearings
Optional AccessoriesChain container, rubber buffers, corrosion-resistant version, beam locking device

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